Hughes "At Ease" in Midwest

With his grades and personal life suffering in NYC, point guard Trevon Hughes left home for St. John's Military Academy in Milwaukee. A strict discipline turned around his academics and he has risen up among the top players in his class. With scholarship offers in hand from Iowa and other top schools, Hughes attended the Hawkeyes Elite Camp this weekend. Read his thoughts on the Black and Gold, and also about his matchup with super PG Sebastian Telfair in this premium Q&A.

Trevon Hughes

2004-05 Junior

6-1, 170


St. John's Military

What has the camp been like for you?

It's a good experience; something new. There are a lot of good guards out here working you out.

What did you think of your (scrimmage) matchup with (Marcus) Walker?

It was nice. I didn't know he was that good. I was sleeping out there. He just woke me up.

What are you doing this summer?

I play with Fox Valley (AAU). We travel a lot. I might go to the (Adidas) ABCD Camp out in New Jersey in July.

How was your team last year?

My team was very good. We finished 17-4.

You're not from Wisconsin, you're from New York City. Can you talk about moving?

It was hard. And it happened at an early age, at 14 I think. It was hard. You get woken up every day; making up my bed and stuff. But it was a good move; good discipline.

What's the toughest part of the military academy?

It's not even getting up and wearing the uniform. It's taking the people yelling at you every day.

What convinced you to make the move?

My grades were bad in NY. So, my mother said it's better for me to go now instead of go later. My high school credits will be there.

You've gone from a poor grade point to an honor roll student?

Oh yeah. I went from like a 1-point something in NY to now I've got like a 3.5, 3.6. The academics are good.

You played at Rucker?

I played around in there, but during the real games I don't play.

Did you ever match up with (Sebastian) Telfair or anybody?

I played against Telfair. I gave him 25 (points). He gave me 40. It was a good game. He's quick.

What part of NY are you from?

I'm from Queens College.

Who's looking at you right now besides Iowa?

Wisconsin, Marquette, Maryland, Kansas, Kentucky, Wake Forest.

Do you have a favorite?

No. I don't have a favorite.

Do you have offers from all of those schools?

Not from all of them. I don't have offers from Wake Forest and Kentucky.

What are your thoughts on Iowa?

I like Iowa. I like the gym facilities. I like the way it comes down into a pit. I didn't take a stroll around campus yet, but it looks pretty nice so far. They say that a campus with construction around it means they've got a lot of money.

When would like to make a decision?

I'm planning on making my decision my senior year; early in my senior year. I want to see what looks I get. I'm just taking it all in.

What's most important when you look at schools?

Academics. I want something to fall back on if I can't do it in basketball.

Are you interested in getting back to the East Coast?

No. I'm not a Midwest guy. But I don't want to go to school in NY. I'd go to school on the East Coast.

You figure a NYC kid would be interested in St. John's.

No. I can't have people holding me back.

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