Mr. Smith Comes to Iowa

Milwaukee combo-guard Jerry Smith showed off his skills at the Hawkeyes' Elite Camp this weekend. Smith possesses some impressive scholarship offers, including one from Iowa. Read what he had to say about the Hawkeyes and others that are in pursuit in this premium interview.

Jerry Smith

2004-05 Junior

6-3, 205


Tosa East

So, what do you think about the camp so far?

It's going pretty well. There's a lot of competition out here. I'm enjoying it.

What got you to come out to Iowa and check it out?

Coach Lansing. He's recruiting me. He called my father and told him that they wanted me to come down for camp.

So, is it you dad that went to Muscatine Community College?

Yeah. He's very familiar with Iowa.

What does he tell you about the area and the state?

It's definitely a basketball state. He loves it. He said that he enjoyed playing his college ball here. He said it's definitely a great situation.

Did he only play community college ball or did he go on to a four-year school?

Just community college.

Howw much has he helped you out with your game and how much advice do you get from him?

All of it, pretty much. Him and my high school coach are big on helping me get to the next level and what I need to do to work on my game and get better.

What parts of your game are you focusing on improving now?

All around. I'm just trying to get better; work on defense. Pretty much, I'm challenging myself defensively. I'm just going to continue to push myself as hard as I can.

What do you feel will be your position at the next level?

Off guard and point. A combo.

Iowa has offered you?


Who else has offered?

Marquette has offered. Wisconsin. Arizona. That's pretty much it right now that's offered.

How would you like to see this recruiting process play out?

I don't know. It's definitely going to be a tough decision for me. There are a lot of great programs out there. I just have to pick the one that best suites me that will benefit me the most.

When you go to these schools and talk to their representatives, what's most important to you?

I look at the graduation rates. I know when I go to a school, I'm going to graduate. That's going to be my goal. That's what I'm looking at; to graduate; to get a college diploma.

What do you like about Iowa?

I love the arena and the coaching staff. Those are definitely two positives for the Iowa program.

Do you have a favorite at this point? Do you feel pressure to stay home, either at Marquette or Wisconsin?

I wouldn't say I have favorites. There are always going to be different points that different colleges are going to have in their favor. But right now, there are no favorites in terms of which one is the best. They're all good programs.

Have you been contacted by a lot of other schools that haven't offered yet?

My coach said that he's getting a lot of calls right now. He hasn't sat down and told me which ones yet, but he said that he's getting a lot of calls from different schools saying that they're intested.

You seem pretty calm about this whole thing, taking it in stride. Is that your approach?

Exactly. I just want to come to play; get better. That's it; just try to get better.

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