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Winnebago, Ill, hooper Devan Bawinkel learned all about the Hawkeye State from his parents, both University of Iowa graduates. Bawinkel attended the Hawkeyes' Elite Camp over the weekend and spoke about his attraction to the Black and Gold. Read his comments, including his current favorite, in this interview.

Devan Bawinkel

2004-05 Junior

6-5, 190

Winnebago, Ill.

Winnebago High

What's the camp been like for you?

It's been a lot of fun. We've gone through a lot of drills, and they put us through a lot of the stuff that they do in their practices. They told us that we're going to get low on our jump shots. We had to go around a chair, rotate and pick up the ball low. It's really informative and helps a lot. It's more of a laid back camp. They say, "Hey, we're no higher than you are. You can come and ask us anything.

How big is Winnegago?

Ah, about 3,000. It's small.

You said that the Iowa coaches opened things up for you to ask questions of them. What do you want to know?

I want to know how different it is from high school to college. I can tell in strength, but I'm sure there are some other (differences). You look at the college players, and they don't miss a shot. I want to know the truth on how you get that good.

I want to know what they're actually like with their own players. I want to know how they act when you lose and stuff like that.

Who are you talking to recruiting wise?

Wisconsin, Iowa, Northern Illinois, Notre Dame, Northwestern. There's one other team that offered. I'm trying to think. Oh, Marquette.

All of those schools have offered you?


What about Illinois?

They've come to see me play. They're recruiting me, but they haven't offered yet.

Is Winnebago IA in Illinois?

Yeah, IA. We got second in state (last year).

How is it playing with the (Illinois) Wolves (AAU)?

Real good. We just got back from North Carolina at the Tournament of Champions. It was a lot of fun. We got second there. We lost to a team out of NJ. We're in Orlando for two weeks in July and we're in Louisville.

Who else in on your team?

Willie Walker; Willie Beasley; T.J. Marion; players like that.

What got you interested in Iowa?

Both of my parents went to school here. And I kind of like the small town. I've come to some games. It's a cool campus. I like the coaching staff, too.

Since they've offered you, have your parents put any pressure on you?

No. They said it was up to me. I'm up for anything. I'm just still looking around. I'm not sure yet.

What do you want the process to be? What do you see? Is there a timetable?

I want to know that I'll get a lot of playing time. I want to like my teammates, too. I want to know that the coaches are not going to switch up when I get here.

How would you describe your game?

In my high school, I played PG. In AAU, I play more of a shooting guard. I can take off of the dribble. I shoot threes and jumpers.

Are you an Illinois fan?

Not really. Champaign is weird. I don't know. I don't really have any interest in them. They kind of recruited me. They came to some of my high school games. But I don't know. I don't really like Champaign.

What about Wisconsin?

Yeah. I'm real interested in them. Right now, they're No. 1 on my list.


Madison is just an awesome town. And they were the first people to recognize me before anyone. They were the first college that came at me directly. They're down-to-earth people. I like the whole coaching staff. They've won three straight Big Ten championships. I just like the whole program.

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