Linn-Mar's Jason Bohannon grew up watching Hawkeye basketball and achieved many local players' dream by garnering a Iowa scholarship offer. Find out where the junior-to-be believes the decision-making process will take him and also learn about his recovery from a recent knee injury in this HN.com interview from the weekend's Iowa Elite Camp.

Jason Bohannon

2004-05 Junior

6-3, 170

Marion, IA


Why won't you be able to play this weekend?

Three weeks ago, I had my knee scoped. I'll be ready to play on Wednesday, though. I'm looking forward to playing again.

Has it been tough to sit out?

Yeah. But it makes me feel more appreciative for how I was able to play. It makes me want to work even harder to get back to the way that I was.

Is it disappointing not to play at this camp against the real good competition?

Yeah, some. But it's nice seeing who is out there and who you are going to go up against in the future.

Does it matter to you who else Iowa is looking at?

I know who they're all looking at and stuff. Everybody that's here, they're all great guys and they'd be a lot of fun to play with.

Have you gotten any other offers outside of Iowa at this point?

Wisconsin has unofficially. They said that they were going to, but they haven't yet because I haven't visited them. They want to do it in person.

You've got an awful lot of time yet to make a decision. But what, in your mind, is the process going to be for you? Is it something that you're going to take your time with? Or, do you want to get it over with so you can concentrate on high school?

I feel good with how it's going and stuff. I want to keep it going. I want to wait and take official visits and see what the campuses are like and stuff like that and make sure it's the right school.

Do you think that you're going to wait it out until the end?

I'm not really sure yet. January 1 (2005) is when I can start taking official visits. I'll take them as soon as I can. If I get those done, and something feels right, I could make a decision then.

Do you feel any pressure at all being an Iowa kid and Iowa having an offer out there?

Ah, some, yeah. A lot of people want me to go here. And I like Iowa. I think it's a great school. It's just depends on what it comes down to at the end and what I feel is the best situation.

What happened with your knee? How did that happen?

I don't know. I just tweaked it, and I kept playing on it. I thought that it was a little bruise or something like that. It kind of swelled up. I went and got an MRI, and they said that there was a slight tear in there. They went in and scoped. It's not a big deal. It's like a three-week thing.

What are your summer plans like as far as basketball?

I have the 19-and-under Nationals next week. I get back and go to the Hoop Jamboree. If I do good there, I'll get into the all-American Camp. There are some other showcases and maybe the Kentucky Hoop Fest in there somewhere.

Do you play other sports?

I play football also. I played baseball last year, but I had to give that up for basketball.

Are you going to stick with football?

I'm planning on it right now.

Did the knee injury make you re-evaluate that at all?

Some. Yeah. My dad was kind of cautious about that. He was a football player, so he wants me to play football. But he wants me to play basketball because he knows that's what I love to play.

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