Hawkeyes Continue to Rake in FB Commits

It's been a wild two days for Iowa football fans, as the Hawkeyes have added three new commitments to the fold with a fourth likely on the way. IL QB Jake Christensen committed to Iowa on Tuesday, and St. Louis area OL Kyle Calloway will be committing to Iowa later this week after receiving his official scholarship offer in the mail. More details and react....

Iowa landed two solid wide receivers on Sunday in Marcus Wilson and Trey Stross. Wilson is 6-2, 190 and Stross is nearly 6-4, 193, runs a 4.47 forty yard dash and can high jump nearly seven feet in this his first year of track and field and without the most drilled form.

On Tuesday, Iowa picked up a commitment from Illinois quarterback Jake Christensen and will likely gain a commit from St. Louis area offensive lineman Kyle Calloway, once he receives an offer from the Hawkeyes in the mail later this week.

We introduced Hawkeye fans to St. Louis area offensive lineman Kyle Calloway last week, and told subscribers of Hawkeyenation.com on Monday afternoon in our members only forum that if Calloway received an offer from Iowa on Tuesday, the day he would be camping there, he would likely accept it on the spot.

Iowa is expected to overnight an offer as early as Tuesday, and Calloway will likely accept, as they cancelled trips to camps at Wisconsin, Notre Dame and Illinois for later this week, among others.

No matter how many ‘stars' are placed by his name when the rankings come out later this summer, here is the one thing that Iowa fans need to know about Calloway:

Tuesday was the first time that the Iowa staff had seen Kyle perform at offensive line, either in person or on tape.

They put him through the paces, and from one day of observation at the camp, Iowa, a school becoming known as ‘O Line University', likely felt good enough to put an offer in the mail to him that very day.

If that doesn't speak volumes about this kid's ability, I don't know what else you could hope to hear.

In Christensen, Iowa has potentially one of the best high school quarterbacks in America in the fold by the 15th of June.

Tom Lemming has Christensen as one of his top seven quarterbacks, nationally.

Getting one of the best players in the state of Illinois (and America) at this early of a juncture would provide a major boon to Iowa's recruiting efforts.

It's a ‘herd' mentality in recruiting sometimes.

When some of the nation's best start to land in one place, others take notice. And if they were being recruited by that school, it certainly helps tilt the table in your favor.

Iowa witnessed this a few years ago when Blake Larsen committed and helped reel in Matt Roth.

This year, Stross, Christensen and OL Dan Doering, one of the most coveted recruits in America, also from the Chicago area, had dinner together on Saturday night and talked about possibly attend the same college.

Well, that makes two out of three of that triumvirate who have pledged for the black and gold.

I can honestly say in my five-plus years of covering Iowa football recruiting that this is the best recruiting class at this early stage of the game that I have witnessed.

And the Hawkeyes might have a few more in the bag before the month of June is complete.

We will continue to keep you updated each and every step of the way.



QUOTES FROM JAKE CHRISTENSEN'S FATHER ON KIRK FERENTZ Jake's father played quarterback in the NFL and had some interesting comments that he gave to us.

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