Dan Doering Visits Iowa City....Again

When you are one of the nation's elite offensive line prospects, most of your visits and moves are chronicled along the way. The latest news on Barrington, Illinois offensive lineman Dan Doering had him in Iowa City, Iowa and Lincoln, Nebraska earlier this week. Hawkeyenation.com has the latest on Doering's academic tour at Iowa, as well as an interesting dinner party that included recent Hawkeye commits Trey Stross and Jake Christensen, as well as Hawkeye OL Mike Jones...

Each year in covering recruiting, there always seems to be one or two names that create the most stir among Hawkeye fans whenever their names are mentioned.

There are several early candidates this year for that ‘honor', if you will, and one of those names is Barrington, Illinois offensive lineman Dan Doering.

And the interesting surrounding Doering from ‘adoring' Hawkeye fans is understandable, as our unofficial count of how many times the family has visited Iowa City is up to at least seven.

Dan, father Rick and younger brother Tyler were all in Iowa City for all or part of the weekend. Dan took the ACT on Saturday, and the Doering Three hopped in their car and drove to Iowa City and arrived at the tail end of Iowa's one-day ‘Elite' football camp.

On this particular visit, Dan was able to get a closer look at the academic side of things at Iowa.

"We got to meet with one of the academic administrators of the business school and we talked about the different types of majors at the University. It was interesting and I liked what I heard. There are a lot of things you can study at Iowa." Dan Doering said.

Dan had visited the Gerdine Academic Facility, built for Iowa student athletes, on an earlier Iowa City sojourn.

As we told you this weekend in the HN Clubhouse, the Doering's had dinner with Trey Stross, Jake Christensen and his father Jeff and current Hawkeye Mike Jones.

Two members of that Dinner party, Trey and Jake, committed to Iowa on Sunday and Tuesday, respectively.

Dan is very familiar with Jake, having met him at an all-star function last year and with both of them being Chicagoland prep stars. The two have been able to ‘compare notes' on their recruiting visits and feelings, and we wanted to know if Dan was surprised that Jake pulled the trigger this early in favor of the Hawkeyes.

"It really didn't surprise me, because I was getting the impression from him that he really liked Iowa. I was very happy for him, as I think Iowa is going to be a great fit for him. He has a good chance of playing in the future, it was a great decision for him and I am very excited for him." Dan Doering said.

And the opportunity to break bread with Mike Jones was something that had been in the works for quite some time.

"Ever since we met last summer at an All Star game in Chicago, we have kept in touch as far as emails and talking. We met up for dinner and talked about everything about Iowa football, recruiting, everything." Dan Doering said.

"I really appreciated that, because it gives me a better perspective on what takes place at Iowa and because he was in my same position a few years ago. He is an outstanding person. When you get to talk to a player who got to experience a program as a freshman, how he adjusted from high school to college, you get a lot of good information that you might not get from just talking to coaches."

The Million Dollar question, and one that we posed to both Dan and his father Rick on Wednesday night, was that when someone they knew (Jake Christensen) commits to a school that they are giving serious consideration to, how much, if at all, could that impact their decision on where to attend college?

"We share the same interests, and some of the same schools. I would say that with him committing to Iowa, that does open another door as far as more reasons to look at Iowa or go to Iowa." Dan Doering said.

His father Rick agreed.

"Danny and Jake are friends, and they both have a strong interest in Iowa. Jake is now committed. I think that probably makes Iowa more intriguing and (Dan) will probably think even more about Iowa."

As we mentioned before, Tyler Doering attended Iowa's camp for a few days earlier this week.

The 6-foot-2, 220-pound sophomore to be experienced his first days away from home and really had a good experience.

"He really enjoyed it a lot. Going there by himself was a bit of a challenge, but he had a lot of fun. He learned a lot. What he enjoyed the most was how much he feels he is ahead of the game for when his high school summer camp begins in July." Rick said.

He added that Tyler did not receive any extra attention just because his brother is a highly sought after recruit, something that ‘dad' appreciated.

Dan and Rick were also able to squeeze in a visit to Nebraska early this week, and they plan to visit Tennessee and Ohio State later in the week.

Hawkeyenation.com will continue to keep you updated on the latest happenings in the recruitment of Dan Doering.

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