Blum Will Visit Iowa City

Tyler Blum is potentially one of the best prospects in the state of Iowa for the recruiting class of 2005. He will be visiting Iowa City on Monday, and while many Iowa and Iowa State fans feel he will make his decision in the near future, Blum is not so sure of that. Read the latest on this talented prospect...

Potentially the top prospect in the state of Iowa, many Hawkeye and Cyclone fans continually have speculated that a decision could be on the horizon. However, that does not currently appear to be the case.

"Right now, I'm just concentrating on my baseball season," said Blum. "We are 11-1, and my record as a pitcher is 4-1 as a I lost a 2 to 1 ball game. I'm making a visit over to Iowa City this Monday, and I know I'd like to visit Notre Dame at some point this summer. Right now, I just think I'm going to wait it out until after the season to make my decision."

What is the reason behind Blum's visit to Iowa City this Monday?

"Their coaches wanted me to come over for a visit, and I have been wanting to make it back over there as well. Monday just happened to be a good day I could make it over."

So what schools are all under serious consideration?

"I think I've got it narrowed down pretty well to a couple of schools. Kansas hasn't been in contact with me much as of late. I'm leaning towards official visits, and right now I'd take them to Iowa and Iowa State. Obviously, I'd probably take one to Notre Dame if they were to offer, and I'd give Nebraska consideration if they were to offer as well."

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