RB Brian Calhoun Update

There have been several different reports out on Brian Calhoun lately, but HawkTalkOnline.com was able to get the lowdown on Brian yesterday after speaking to him on the phone. Has Brian eliminated Iowa? Is there still any chance that he could make a visit to Iowa City?

Brian Calhoun is one of the top prospects in the midwest. Although Iowa has recruited several prospects from Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Brian Calhoun is the real prize of the group.

There were reports from a Colorado reporter that Brian had cut his list to three schools: Colorado, Purdue, and Wisconsin.

What did he have to say about that???

"I have not eliminated Iowa," Brian noted. "I'm still considering Iowa, Purdue, Wisconsin, Tennesee, Nebraska, and Colorado. I have a visit set for Purdue this weekend, and I'll be taking a visit to Iowa the following weekend."

"I like all the schools on my list. I'm waiting for my father to return from the military and then we'll sit down and decide how many visits I'll take and where I'll take them. I won't be visiting Wisconsin because I've been there so much."

"Iowa is definitely a team that is rising. I love Coach Ferentz. He is very relaxed and is just a good coach. I haven't been to Iowa City this fall so it'll be good to go back down and see how I like it. Iowa could definitely move up my list with a good official visit."

"Coach (Lester) Erb and I go way back to my sophmore year when I started getting letters. Nick (Rohrer) and I love Coach Erb. He is a down-to-earth guy and a guy that we can talk to."

Brian informed me that he'll make his decision based on how comfortable he is with all his surroundings. The coaching staff has made a great impression on Brian, now he'll have to find out how well he meshes with the players and people in the town of Iowa City. I think he'll have no problem figuring out that Iowa City is a great place to attend college, but will he be wiling to leave the state of Wisconsin? I guess we'll find out soon enough........

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