Happy To Be A Hawk

Ohio's Seth Gorney realized he would disappoint some of his home state residents by choosing Iowa over OSU. But he decided what was best for him and has looked ahead ever since. The 7-footer moved to the Hawkeye State right after graduation to enroll in classes and learn the lay of the land. HN.com spoke with Seth after a recent PTL contest. He talked about recent happenings at Ohio State, his perceived role on this year's Hawkeye team and much more.

You've played a few games in the PTL. How do you feel that you've done?

I feel like there are some things that I can improve on. But coming in at this level of competition and being a freshman and all that, I have no idea of what's going on. I'm expecting to learn a lot, too, and also bring in some of the things that I've already learned from high school.

How long have you been in Iowa City?

I'm going on my third week.

Was it important for you to get out here early and settle in?

Well, I'm taking summer classes. They started the Monday after I graduated. So, I had to get out here realy early. But it's probably the best thing that I've done to start working and conditioning with everybody and just start playing.

How many classes are you taking?

One right now, and I'm starting my second one this week.

What are you taking?

I'm taking a basic chemistry class and starting social problems.

Do you know what you want to study yet?

I want to go into business. I don't know what field yet.

Does it feel like you're still kind of feeling your way around here?

I've got the town pretty well down. Basketball wise, there's still a lot I'm feeling for. I hope to improve on that over the next foor years.

Are you focused on improving certain areas initially?

Not particularly. I'm just trying to take little steps on everything and just keep improving on everything. Hopefully, I can build up to a pretty good level.

What do you anticipate your contributions being or your role being this season?

Well, if I can't start then I would like to come off of the bench and play some time. I feel that I can rebound really well for the team and play pretty good defense on people and just try to find the open guys when I'm in the post getting doubled. I think I have a few things to add.

This team lost three significant inside players in Reiner, Worley and Sonderleiter. That said, do you feel like you can get in the rotation right away?

It's a little open in there. I'd like to see some playing time. But I just hope to build up to it and hopefully get out there and do good.

How tall are you and what do you weigh?

I weighed myself today. I'm about 250 and 7-foot.

Is that as big as you've been in terms of weight?

Yeah (laughs).

What did you play at in high school?

I was about 240 or 245 or so.

Are you comfortable where you are now?

Actually, I'd like to put some more muscle on and hopefully get to 255, 260 before the season starts.

Have you been working out with your new teammates away from the PTL?

Yeah. We play open gym for a couple of hours three or four times a week. That's helping.

With guys like Horner, Pierce, Haluska and Thomas, Iowa's probably going to want to get out and run a lot this year. Do you feel you can fit in there?

When I came in here, the first open gym, we were running up and down, and I was like "wow." I got tired real easily. Now, getting used to everything, it's becoming a lot easier. I feel like I can do a lot better now.

What is your offensive game like?

I've got a post move where I kind of turnaround and shoot over a guy. Then, I've got basic post moves. If I have to, I can shoot a couple of feet inside the arc.

Do you feel happy with your decision to come to Iowa?

Oh, it's probably one of the best decision I've ever made, so far, if not the best.

What did it come down to?

It was Iowa and Ohio State. You know, after visiting both colleges I felt Iowa was just better for me. After (OSU Head Coach Jim) O'Brien getting fired and everything, I was just like, "well, I made the right decision."

Did what happened with Coach O'Brien shock you at all?

Actually, it does. We came in, and he seemed like the nicest guy in the world. He didn't seem like he'd do anything like that. Then I see on the news that he's asked to leave for recruiting violations, and I thought, "how could he do this?"

Did you surprise a lot of people back home when you chose Iowa over the home state school?

Yeah. A lot of the people that were true to me were happy with the decision. Then, you had some of the fans that followed me that would have rather seen me go to Ohio State. Then, you had the fans that once they found out that I wasn't going to Ohio State that weren't going to follow me anymore.

You can't win them all. I wasn't expecting to get on everybody's good side with this decision. But I'm here. And everybody here seems to be 100 percent positive.

What do you think that first game at Ohio State will be like?

Oh man, I don't know. That will be a wild one.

Have you been to games there?

Oh yeah. I saw Iowa play Ohio State, I think, two years ago.

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