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In his weekly Monday column, Publisher Jon Miller talks about a disturbing trend that is emerging in the game of college football recruiting, his thoughts on Jared Reiner being denied another year to play at Iowa, as well as what he will be doing this week in Des Moines on a radio station near you.

I am seeing a growing trend in the world of college football recruiting.

We all know that things are happening much sooner than they used to with regards to the number of scholarships that schools are offering as well as the number of early commits.

But what is bothering me is when I read some stories on some kids and pick up a little bit of attitude from them.

Along the lines of Player X doesn't seem too thrilled with School Y when he has yet to be offered a scholarship by Independence Day. Almost as if that is some sort of insult.

It's not, and it's not right to come off that way.

If a school tells Player X that they want to wait until his senior season begins so that they can evaluate him a bit more, there is no fault or insult in that. There are a lot of reasons a school might want to do that.

One reason is that they might have offers out to other players at your position, and still feel like they have a chance with them, and do not want to hurt those chances until they have another opportunity to watch Player X play.

It's not an insult, but some players are starting to act like it is. This is happening all over the country. I hope that it does not become commonplace, otherwise football recruiting will turn into a 13-months out of a year game.


Starting Monday, June 28th at 3pm Central time, I will be hosting the ‘Deace in the Afternoon' program on 1460 AM, KXNO in Des Moines. This fill in stint will last until July 2nd.

The program airs between 3-6pm each day, and is usually manned by Steve Deace. Deace is on vacation this week, and he asked me to fill in for him and management somehow agreed with him.

It should be a lot of fun and I suspect there will be a few Hawk-Clone wars that will break out.

So if you are in Des Moines, be sure to tune in. If you want to listen in on the web, I have heard that you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

I will announce an impromptu Hawkeye gathering on the air this week, as it will be fun to gather together with some Central Iowa Hawkeye fans and talk Hawks. I will also have past issues of Hawkeye Nation, the magazine on hand to give away, including the March recruiting issue that was extremely popular. So be listening for that, and I will also post it online. The ‘event' will take place one evening this week.


So the career of Jared Reiner ended at Iowa last week when his appeal for another year due to an injury shortened senior season was denied by the NCAA.

It doesn't seem fair when you consider that former Hawkeye and current Illinois quarterback Jon Beutjer was granted a six year this past winter.

Beutjer redshirted at Iowa in 1999, played some in 2000 before getting hurt, transferred from Iowa in 2001 and sat out that season at Illinois, and played for Illinois in 2002 and 2003.

I guess the argument is that 2004 will be the fourth year where he could actually play. His case also included his story that he left Iowa due to the aftermath of a fight with Iowa OL Sam Aiello, and not getting the support from the coaching staff he felt he should have received.

Iowa fans will always remember that Beutjer chose to leave Iowa not right after the altercation, an incident that there are no excuses for, rather, after Kyle McCann was named as the starting quarterback to open the 2001 season, ahead of Brad Banks and Beutjer.

Reiner never took a redshirt year, never transferred, was an academic all Big Ten performer, achived a degree in finance in four years, and played less than three and a half years, with last year being shortened due to a stress fracture in his foot that began hurting him in the seventh game of the season and was not diagnosed correctly until weeks later.

At the least, it would seem fair that Reiner should have gotten another year if Beutjer did. But no one said the NCAA is fair or just.

I would like to wish Jared well in his future endeavors, as he has always been nothing but class with the media.

I have been speaking with Jared since he was a senior in high school, have bumped into him many times about Iowa City and have interviewed him countless times...

And at all times, Jared was respectful, polite and a gentleman. His mother certainly raised him right, despite the challenges she faced once her husband passed away at an early age.

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