BJ Travers Looking Forward to Iowa Visit

When Trey Stross committed to Iowa, he talked about informing his friend BJ Travers about the black and gold and vowed that he would work to get Travers to visit Iowa. BJ just returned from USC, a school that has offered him. However, the Hawkeyes rate highly for this linebacker from Ohio...and he wants to play linebacker.

It is Big Ten country in Ohio, and B.J. Travers grew up envisioning himself playing in the conference. Still, he decided to go out west and attend a camp at USC. Were the Trojans able to change his loyalty at all?

"I was just out there a few days ago, and they had a lot of talented players," said Travers. "People love their football players out at USC, but I don't think I'll be heading out west. I grew up watching the Big Ten conference and have always saw myself playing at one of the schools."

Lacking offers from both Ohio State and Michigan, many would have thought USC would have had a great chance, but one other Big Ten program has really caught Travers attention to this point.

"I have a high interest in Iowa right now. My coach is supposed to be bringing me out there in the next couple of weeks, and one of their commitments, Trey Stross, might be joining us. I really like their coaches, and the way they play physically. They are also the only Big Ten program right now that is recruiting me to play linebacker."

Travers has received attention from several schools, but mainly at the fullback position.

"Pitt has offered me, and I like them a lot as well. Penn State told me I'd have an offer, but it'd be as a fullback, and I want to play linebacker. Oklahoma got one of their inside guys already, but said they would be letting me know of an offer as I'm on their short list."

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