Narrowing the Field: Iowa FB Recruiting Targets

With six verbal commitments in the bag before the start of fall drills, the Iowa Hawkeyes are ahead of their normal pace for this time of year. That is especially true when you consider that five of the six players are not from Iowa, and two are from the state of Ohio. The man that has been covering Iowa FB recruiting longer than anyone currently in the business,'s Recruiting Analyst Josh Clark has most of the key names that Hawkeye fans should focus on through year's end.

QUARTERBACK (Verbals: Jake Christensen)

Jake Christensen is obviously committed and from what I've been told by sources, he was the top quarterback on their board out of all the quarterbacks they evaluated. Realize that Iowa obviously has players higher on their board that they realistically do not have a chance of landing, i.e. Mark Sanchez, but they were that high on Christensen. Besides, Christensen and Sanchez were perhaps the two brightest stars at the recently concluded EA Sports Elite 11 event. Dustin Sherer was the only other player in consideration for taking a verbal commitment this summer. Iowa was not as high on Harrison Beck as some may believe, and Evan Sharpley quickly went down Iowa's list.


Iowa will sign two or three running backs in this class if they are able to land quality players at the position, and some of these players could possibly other positions, too. Leading the way on their target list are....

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Great stuff Josh....Because it's so exciting now does that mean we're going to be bored in January?

Great stuff Josh!!!!! This is the reason why I pay my membership!!!! God I can't wait 'til Kickoff!!!!!!!

Guys, this type of reporting is absolutely terrific, and is exactly why I pay a subscription to your site. Excellent, excellent stuff!!

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