Carbon Copy: Ferentz on Wide Receievers

The Hawkeyes put together a patchwork crew last year at wide receiver, due to injuries to Mo Brown and Ed Hinkel. This year, they have several challengers at the position, but not many incumbents. Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz talked about this key position, the off season work put in by his players and the opportunities that exist for all of them, including comments on Clinton Solomon and James Townsend.


---Kirk Ferentz on this year's wide receivers:

How do you feel about your receivers? That was a concern of yours in the spring.

Yeah, our performance was a little lackluster. A lot of that is a reflection of the immaturity level of the group right now. We're pretty young at that position. I'll be very surprised if we don't have a good fall.

Even during the course of the summer, the guys were out throwing the ball around. They got organized amongst themselves and decided to go out. They got together on Wednesdays and then added Saturdays. Now, I don't know how many Saturdays they did it. But I know they did it. To me, there is some ownership there. The guys took an proactive role.

Nobody wants to be the weak link on the team. We have enough leadership at the position, and we've got enough talent. Those guys are going to step up. They'll get it done.

Where does Clinton Solomon stand?

The opportunity for him is significant. He knows what it's like to play in the Big Ten.

He wasn't a consistent player, but he played as a true freshman. He's probably learned some real hard lessons over this past year. He's had time to reflect and think.

My sense is that he's going to want to make the most of this opportunity. He's given himself a chance to get back up there and get a bat in his hand and go to the plate.

Does he start at square one with you?

Yeah. Obviously he knows a little bit more than the average incoming freshman. He'll have a chance to compete right from Day 1. That's all any player can ask. We'll give every player that opportunity. After that, it's in his hands.

Where does James Townsend stand?

It's up to him. The idea for younger players is to improve and show that they're growing and learning and developing. That's the challenge for James. He can run fast. We know that. He has to work hard to refine the rest of his talents as a receiver.

Is it a mental thing with him?

Mental, and the fact that he's a young player. He has a lot to learn still; just the speeding up and the maturity process. Like any young player, that's the process we're going through with him right now.

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