Ferentz Fields NFL Coaching Questions...Again

In what seems to be an annual rite of passage, Kirk Ferentz was once again asked 'the question': Do NFL pastures look any greener to you now than in the past. Iowa's head coach was candid and frank with his responses and left little room for doubt that the University of Iowa is where he wants to be today and into the foreseeable future.


---Kirk Ferentz on being mentioned for NFL openings:

Kirk, another year when your name got thrown around when NFL coaching jobs came open. What makes you come back to Iowa and college football? And, do you ever hope to move on to the NFL?

That's a question that I got asked last December in Tampa at our bowl game. Somebody said that one of the CFL teams was contacting me. (laughter) I was at a hockey tournament once in Canada when I was coaching at Maine. I almost got second-hand smoke inhalation. It was like a bowling alley when games were going on.

But, it's probably a good thing to have to deal with only because it means that our team is doing OK. The natural tie is obviously that I was an assistant for six years in the National Football League. It just so happens that one of my former bosses (Bill Belichick) is doing pretty well. That probably adds a little fuel to the fire.

To answer your question, if I was real interested in doing that I probably wouldn't be at Iowa. I've had some inquiries and opportunities; some as a head coach and some five years ago, which was a pretty attractive situation as an assistant coach.

It's just not…you know, I enjoy the college game. I really enjoy being at the University of Iowa, living in Iowa, both professionally and personally. The great thing about my situation right now is that I've hand picked everybody that works with our team. I get to approve every player that comes onto campus. At the end of day, if we screw this up, it's my fault. I can't blame it on anybody else. That's a nice feeling to have. It's nice to be at a place where they're very supportive of our mission.

I don't want to say that I'm content here because that's not a good word to use in sports. But I'm just really happy professionally and personally. It's a good combination. A lot of times coaches aren't smart enough to know they've got a good deal. I try not to be ignorant in that fashion.

Are you flattered by you name being connected with NFL jobs?

Yes and no. If I'm not, that means we had a bad year. If we can keep having some success, that's a good thing. But I think things have kind of quieted down a little bit now. But basically, if that's what I wanted to do, I wouldn't be at Iowa today. We're at that point right now.

I'm really happy where I'm at. It's a great place. I'm having the time of my life. I've never enjoyed coaching any more than I am right now. Hopefully that will continue, knock on wood.

A big part of it for us is the quality of life we have as a family. A lot of assumptions are made by people on the outside that bigger is better and all of that kind of stuff the NFL is. It's a great place. I enjoyed coaching in the National Football League. I really enjoy coaching in college, as well.

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