Media Day: Shada Happy to be a Hawkeye

Adam Shada has overcome a lot of adversity to get to Iowa. Last year, he was the star quarterback on a Nebraska high school juggernaut before his season ended when it was learned that he had blood clots, a serious situation. After a few surgeries, he is now at Iowa, a program that did not turn its back on him during those dark days. Shada talks about his health and what he looks forward to this year at Iowa.

How has your summer been going?

It has went well. I am just trying to learn the system, and work out with everybody. We had a real good summer, worked hard, and got a lot accomplished. I am glad I decided to workout here over the summer.

What is the difference between working in the weight room with Coach Doyle versus at home in Omaha?

The main difference is Coach Doyle. He is, obviously, one at the best in the nation at what he days. It is really apparent because back at home we just lift and workout. With Coach Doyle, it's about intelligent lifting and you cannot mess around with Coach because you will have to work just as hard the next day. I would go as much as I could in high school without going to far. But with Coach Doyle everybody benefits from it.

Has the weight training program brought about any glaring improvement(s) for you so far?

Um, you will have to ask Coach Doyle. He is the one that sees the improvements. I can definitely feel stronger, faster, and quicker because we are now in two-a-days. I feel good about my work over the summer, but we'll see.

How is your health and are you clear to go?

Yes, I am clear to play. All of that is in the past, hopefully. I am just excited to be a Hawk. I am so thankful for all of the support on the Internet, in the papers, and from people on the street.

What made you decide to be a Hawkeye?

Well, you know, all of these great players. There is a great coaching staff and it is just an all-around great program, especially with football. You also have Big Ten academics as well. It really intrigued me to come here once I had my visit with the coaches. They were real personable, and, again, it is a great program. I am really looking forward to the experience.

There are 70,000 people every Saturday watching football in Kinnick Stadium. That will be quite an adrenaline rush for you in the fall, right?

Yes, it is going to be a new experience for me. I have never experienced an Iowa game live before. My schedule was so busy I did not get the chance. So coming out of the tunnel will be pretty sweet.

You are coming in on the 'sky level' of Hawkeye football right now. There are 30,000 people who attend a spring practice, and there will be a lot of people at practice on Sunday. What does mean to you as a player?

Like Coach (Ferentz) says, it is nice to walk into a top 10 program as a freshman. The people that built this foundation are still around, and we appreciate that. I have heard a lot about the game atmosphere. It is all about enjoying the experience, basically.

With the tradition you speak of, you are part of something very special. What does all that tradition of excellence mean to you?

It is just an honor to be part of this team. I am enjoying it, and playing football. I will just take in everything the coaches have to offer and work hard.

Is your family looking forward to getting to Iowa City and watching you play?

Yes, they have not been to a game either. They are great fans of the game and will enjoy it.

What are the coaches telling you in reference to a position?

There are no changes, I am still going to play cornerback. I am just going to learn and work hard. The coaches have the job of sticking players wherever and whenever.

What is your outlook on the season?

I cannot predict any numbers, but I can definitely predict we will go out there and play hard every game. With this coaching staff I can already predict that we will be well prepared.

What is the first line of the "Iowa Fight Song"?

(laughs) You stuck me, I don't know. Any help back there? (looking back at George Eshareturi and Marcus Paschal, who look back at Adam with an ‘are you stupid‘ look and sing the first 3 lines back) I don‘t know, we have never been taught that. But, I will learn.

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