Ettore Ewen Adjusting to Life in Iowa

Ettore Ewen was the last piece of the 2004 recruiting class, as he arrived in very late spring. Iowa assistant Phil Parker was at a Florida high school scouting seniors to be, when he saw Ewen lifting weights. He asked who he was, and learned that Ewen was graduating, and no schools had offered. Given his burly physique, it did not take long for Parker to want to learn more. He did, and the rest is history. Jason Miller spoke with Ewen at Media Day....

How long have you been in Iowa City?

This is my fifth week in Iowa. I am here for summer conditioning, lifting, and to get used to the program.

Is the conditioning and weight training system a bit different than your normal system?

Yes, adjusting to Coach Doyle's system will take a little time. Day by day I am getting used to the program and it is helpful each day.

What has Coach Doyle been stressing to you?

There is really not a huge target area. I mean, they would like me to get my weight to about 275. Right now I am at 282. Besides that it is just improving my overall conditioning and speed. You just have to get used to the system.

You have a high school wrestling background. Has Hawkeye wrestling coach Jim Zalesky approached you yet?

(laughs) I won a state championship in high school as a junior. No, Coach Zalesky has not talked to me yet.

Does wrestling help out football and/or visa versa?

Definitely. Understanding how to use your leverage and getting up underneath your opponent. I mean, it has helped me a lot, tremendously when I moved to defensive line. That is where the coaches will have me playing here, too.

How did you get to Iowa? Tell me a little about it.

Well, I was not highly recruited out of high school. Mainly because I played defensive tackle at 230 pounds and six-foot tall. So that kept the interest away from me. Then I got the weight on and got to 280. The interest level got high on me in April and May. I was able to visit Iowa and I was offered a full ride by coach Ferentz. It is a pretty good for me.

What do you miss from Florida and what are the biggest differences?

Well, this weather today is a lot different. Also, I am used to waking up with 85 degrees in the morning compared to 65 here. I have not seen a palm tree in a while. It takes a little adjustment. The overall landscape is different. People here tend to be a little friendlier to be honest. I love it back home, but I love it here as well. People really love their football team and it is great to have so much support.

Iowa fans are very reliable and faithful. What does that prove to you?

It is great for me, because I am trying to represent a demographic. I will just try to do my best for the fans. It is a great thing to have so much support. To have the fans behind is like that will be a great thing.

Which academic program are you looking at now?

I will major in Exercise Science, and possibly medical school after that. I would like to be an orthopedic surgeon as of right now.

What is the first line of the "Iowa Fight Song"?

Actually, it was in my playbook and I was looking over it a little bit. I know that "fight fight for Iowa" is in there somewhere.

Where do you see Iowa football headed this season?

Right now we are just trying to focus on getting better and improving everyday. We really do not dwell on the rankings too much. There is definitely a commitment to working hard and finding the goal of getting better each day.

Can you describe yourself as a football player in one word?


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