Iowa Still in the Mix for Corey Robertson/Video

Hawkeye fans thought they had their star running back prospect in the fold last month when Texas Corey Robertson had almost pulled the trigger in picking Iowa. But after speaking with his parents about that decision, they felt it was best to look at all of their options. Robertson has since picked up a few more offers, so where do the Hawkeyes stand in his view? Also, take a look at his high light video in this premium update.

Corey Robertson had considered making a verbal commitment to the Iowa Hawkeyes earlier this summer before consulting his parents. After talking it over with them, he felt he that he owed it to them and himself them to accompany him on a visit to Iowa before making a commitment. In addition, he and his parents agreed that he should also check out other options.

At that time, Robertson felt Iowa was his best option. He has since added offers from Arizona and Texas A&M, so has anything changed with the Hawkeye's status?

"Iowa is still my leader, but I'm also considering Arizona, Texas A&M, Colorado, and Nebraska," said the 6-foot-1, 200-pound running back. "I just called into Iowa last week, and I spoke with Coach (Ron) Aiken, Coach (Carl) Jackson, and Coach (Kirk) Ferentz. I know I'll be taking an official visit there at some point this fall and I'm still extremely impressed with them."

Will Robertson use any other official visits?

"Nothing is certain right now, but it'd probably be best for me to have something to compare Iowa to. I have never even been to Arizona before. I also have interest in Texas A&M, but I haven't been able to speak with their coaches since their offer came in writing. I will keep Colorado in mind for a visit, and Nebraska has let me know they will be watching my first couple games this fall so they may enter the picture."

Iowa has eight known verbal commitments in this class, and they expect to take 17-19 players overall, including two or three more offensive linemen.


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