Play By Play: Open Practice Scrimmage Rundown

The Hawkeyes were able to get in some 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 work at Sunday's open practice. charted the play-by-play of the 30 minute practice and has the entire rundown in this item (MORE)...

Play-By-Play of 11-on-11 that lasted about 30 minutes at the end of practice. There was no tackling. As a result, it was impossible to keep accurate yardage.

This will give you an indication of offensive reps. Also of note, the No. 1 D was on the field a lot:

1. J. Lewis runs wide right for big gain.

2. Young short gain; tackle Babineaux

3. Tate scramble, short yardage

4. Manson overthrows Grigsby

5. Lewis nice run

6. Manson misses Townsend

7. Tate sacked by Roth

8. Simmons nice run

9. Tate hits Lewis in flat

10. Manson hits Sherlock underneath

11. Schnoor short run

12. Simmons nice run

13. Simmons short run

14. Sims nice run, starts inside, bounces it out

15. McCollom nice scramble

16. Sims short run

17. Sims short run

18. Tate swing pass to Mickens

19. Manson sacked by Roth

20. Tate pass tipped incomplete at line

21. Manson swing pass to Simmons

22. Tate darts a pass into Hinkel on hook route

23. Manson sacked by Mattison with help from Willcox

24. Tate scrambles to freedom in middle

25. Manson pass dropped by Champ Davis

26. Bad snap to Manson in shotgun

27. Manson scrambles clear

28. McCollom to Townsend - nice catch in traffic

29. Manson quick in to Holloway

30. McCollom to Grigsby - nice catch in crossing route

31. Strube short run

32. Phillips sacked

33. Sims nice run

34. Phillips to Sabers

35. Manson incomplete to Majerus

36. Manson quick out to Chandler

37. Manson incomplete to Solomon

38. Manson sacked by Luebke

39. Manson sacked by Roth

40. McCollom sacked by Roth

41. Tate to T. Jackson

42. Tate to Champ Davis

43. Tate pass dropped by Calvin Davis

44. Tate to Holloway

45. Tate to Schnoor

46. Tate scramble away from Iwebema

47. Tate to Champ Davis

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