Double Duty: Kuempel Attends Iowa & ISU Workouts

Andy Kuempel was given the chance to have an up close look at both Iowa and Iowa State this past weekend in viewing each of their practices. He was also able to sit in meetings with both offensive line coaches; Reese Morgan of Iowa and Barney Cotton of Iowa State. Find out his 'post visit' thoughts on each school...

Andy Kuempel had a busy weekend in making the trip over to Ames to view a Cyclone practice before returning home to also catch a Hawkeye practice.

"Iowa State."

What were his thoughts on Iowa's practice?

"It was great, and it my first time ever sitting in an offensive line meeting with Coach Morgan, the players, and their commitment Kyle Calloway. They really had their offensive line getting after it, and you could see how good of a defensive line they had, too."

While Kuempel enjoyed the meeting, it was a more personal meeting he had with Coach Morgan earlier this summer that he walked away learning more.

"I had a one on one meeting with Coach Morgan after I attended their summer camp, which he went over a lot of terminology with me. He showed me how the center will get up to the line, and call different reads and responsibilities for zone coverage. Iowa has told me they liked my athleticism and footwork at camp, but they want to see me in action before offering. They want to see my aggression and toughness out on the field."

So would Kuempel describe himself as tough?

"Oh, I guarantee that I am tough. I can't even tell you how much ready I am to get out and show people. I know I have to go out there and knock some heads."

Lastly, how would he compare the two in-state programs?

"Well, I'd say with the coaching staff's they are 50/50 because it is such a different style. Coach McCarney is more in your face and making sure you get it done from the start while Coach Ferentz is more laid back and observing. I like both of them. I'd say Iowa has the advantage in talent right now because there defense is just unbelievable. I think Iowa State will give them a good game if they can prevent Iowa's offense from clicking."

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