Pair of 2004 Iowa Recruits at Milford Prep

Milford Prep Academy of New Berlin, New York has been kind to Iowa in the past, and Iowa fans will be hoping that trend continues. Fred Russell came to Iowa via Milford, and now two members of Iowa's 2004 recruiting class will call Milford home, at least until January, if all goes well. has confirmed through Milford coach Joe Chaplick that Kyle Williams will arrive on Saturday, joining Shonn Greene. "Both of them plan to be back in Iowa City in January" Chaplick said (MORE)

We spoke with Milford Prep Academy Head Coach Joe Chaplick this afternoon to see if he could comment on the rumors that Iowa linebacker Kyle Williams might be transferring to his program for this coming fall term, and he confirmed that was the case.

"He (Kyle) will be here on Saturday. His plan is to be back in Iowa City come January." Chaplick said. Chaplick would not talk about the reasons why, and since we have been unable to get anyone on record to confirm the rumors, we will not speculate on that.

Williams makes the second Class of 2004 commit to enroll at Milford this year, as New Jersey running back Shonn Greene arrived there a few weeks back.

"Shonn is here and he is doing great. He won the starting position. He has been a tough player; he is here on time and is doing a great job. He plans on being back at Iowa, for sure. Actually, both of them plan to be back in Iowa City in January (of 2005)." Chaplick said.

Many of you may remember that Milford Academy was where former Iowa running back and current Miami Dolphin Fred Russell played before committing to Iowa. He had committed to Michigan before going to Milford, and when it came time to ‘re-recruit' Russell, the Wolverines had no room for him.

"Iowa is comfortable with our program, and there have been instances, such as these, where they recommend players to us. You would hope that when you send a kid like Fred Russell to you, that you might get recommended." Chaplick said of the relationship between Iowa and Milford.

Chaplick said that he felt he had "about 15 D-1A caliber kids this year," with a few already committed to schools like Miami (FL) and Syracuse.

Chaplick invited us to touch base with him during the year for updates on Williams and Greene, and added the following in closing:

"We are looking to have both of them back to you in January."

Williams was the headliner of Iowa's successful 2004 recruiting class, but even so, his chances of playing Iowa's Leo linebacker position as a true freshmen were slim.

Though he still could have been a special teams performer, all indications at this point were that he would redshirt.

Speculation on future eligibility status, as to this year counting as a redshirt year, extension of high school, etc, cannot be determined at this time for lack of the facts surrounding this situation.

Iowa will hold its second and final open practice of the fall on Saturday at 11am at Kinnick Stadium, and hopefully more facts surrounding this developing story will be available then, or in a press release from Iowa prior to that point.

In any event, we will be monitoring this story and provide you with the latest as changes warrant.

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