Trey Stross: Talk that Delights the Hawks

Trey Stross was one of Iowa's earlier commits in the class of 2005. The 6-foot-4, 195-pound receiver from Avon Lake, Ohio liked what he saw in the Iowa program, and 21 scholarship offers later, including an offer from Ohio State, Stross is still as steadfast in his pldege to Iowa was he was in June. Read the latest on Stross, as he is a quote machine. Hawkeye fans will certainly get the 'warm fuzzies' after reading his comments.

One of the commits that came in the June Black and Gold rush for Iowa was Avon Lake, Ohio wide receiver Trey Stross.

He committed shortly after Iowa's football camp and was part of a ‘foursome' of Hawkeye commits in mid June. Others were WR/DB Marcus Wilson, OL Kyle Calloway and QB Jake Christensen.

Stross was able to work out with Christensen at that camp, and he left Iowa knowing that he wanted to be a Hawkeye. A few short days later, he received an offer from Iowa in the mail and the deal was sealed.

Then later that week, he also received a written offer from Ohio State.

Stross has not been shy about his feelings, saying that he wondered why schools like Ohio State waited so long and waited until after Iowa had jumped on his ship before offering.

As was the case in June, Stross is as solid a commit as local prospect Alex Kanellis, a player who literally grew up in the shadow's of Kinnick Stadium

Though Stross does not have the lifelong perspective that an instate player might have, he is catching up in a hurry.

"People ask me ‘Why Iowa, why did you commit so soon?. It's hard to explain. You always say the obvious things like the great coaching staff…but its like one of those feelings…you can't really explain love, but I just felt like I was home." Stross said.

"It felt like it was for me. It felt like I could live there. I think Iowa's tradition is great. The first day that I got there, we drove around town and we saw all of those Hawkeye statues. They have so much pride in that town. I got a newsletter saying that Iowa was 53rd out of 300 some towns in the country as far as being sports towns. I guess that is good, but they are higher than that. I have been to so many campuses (21 offers) and they love their sports there, especially football."

Stross received a four star rating out of five stars by, and he was recently listed among Tom Lemming's Top 100 players in the nation, regardless of position.

Stross is also a child of the Internet age, and when a player trades in his Buckeye State roots for the Black and Gold of Iowa, he hears about it.

"Some people take it too far. They should be happy for a kid who achieves certain things and get to play for a school like Iowa and not be like ‘Ohio State really didn't want you.' Just be happy." Stross said.

But that has not caused him to look down on people, especially not Hawkeye fans.

"It's kind of like a family thing. Even if you are in the stands, you are a part of the team. At Avon Lake where I play, football is huge. It's like life there. As a player, having those fans there, it's a plus. There are some schools that we play that have great athletes, but there are not many people in the stands. I appreciate the support we get from our fans." Stross said.

"Knowing that Iowa has that same kind of support, just with hundreds of thousands of fans, it makes me feel really good. I am going to be a part of something special. Coach (Eric) Johnson says that it's a football family, no matter if you are a fan or a player. You will have so many connections. It's a brotherhood between the fans and teammates, and that I will get to know some amazing people. Iowa will sell out every home game, and it's the same way at my high school. It's like going from one level to the next."

Some Iowa fans were worried when Ohio State sent Stross a written offer days after he verbally committed to Iowa. We spoke with him right after that, and he said he was a solid Hawkeye commit.

We asked him if since then, he has ever had a shadow of a doubt in his mind as to whether or not he made the right decision?

"Not one. Like I said, I have not heard one bad thing, and I have heard so many good things. I know the players are happy there. I have had some great offers, but Iowa is the place for me." Stross said.

"That is why I decided to graduate early and I will be there on January 22nd. The coaches told me to go on official visits, to see other things. But I have been to enough campuses. I am going to take an official visit to Iowa and hang with a player and see what the coaches do on game day. That is the only one I am going to take. And in 142 days, I will be in Iowa. I have a countdown," Stross laughed.

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