Hodge/Greenway Discuss Defense

Iowa's all-Big Ten linebackers update progess from camp. Read their insight into the young defenders working their way into the two-deep, the cohesiveness of the first unit and more in this premium Q&A.


What have you liked about this team in the first few weeks of practice?

Coach said that he hasn't liked out tempo as much. But I think we're getting out here. Defensively, we're out here flying around.

We have a lot of young guys out here making some plays and making some progress. Mainly, that's what we're looking for right now, is progress out of the young guys.

They're getting the concepts and getting the big picture of the deal. But we have a lot of work to do. That's why we have two weeks left to prepare.

What is coach not seeing when he talks about a lack of tempo?

In these scrimmage situations, it's just getting out of the pile and getting the next play going in a rhythm. He likes the offense to get in a rhythm and that's what he's not seeing. As a defense, we need to help them with that.

Have you noticed an improvement in the offense during the last few weeks?

Oh definitely. Offensively and defensively we've improved. We've come a long way.

Two weeks of two-a-days can put a hurting on you. But mentally, it's all football. There isn't anything with school; no social life at all. We're out here trying to get better, and we've improved a lot.



What have you liked about this tam in the first few weeks of practice?

Guys are flying around. Everybody is happy for the season to come. At the same time. we know that we have a lot of work to do.

But everyone is flying around. Everybody wants to learn. Everybody wants to get better. When you see that with a winning ball club, that's pretty good.

Coach said that he was a little concerned with the tempo of practice today. What do you think he's talking about?

It's just the little things. Guys putting the ball on the ground.

We know that we've got to pick it up. We've got a couple of more weeks before the first game, so hopefully we'll get the job done.

You have a lot of young guys trying to fill in the depth chart on this defense. What have you seen there?

The guys behind the first-teamers are pretty good, to be honest with you. We have to keep moving as a group. The first-teamers got to get better. The second-teamers got to get better. We all have to get better as a whole because it's a long season. You don't never know who's going to go down. But the next man has got to be in.

How do you feel the first team is clicking together?

We're clicking together real well. We have a lot of guys back from last year that know what they're doing on the football field. The communication is there.

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