Exclusive Interview with DT Larry Thomas

HawkTalkOnline.com was able to get in touch with 6'1 265 DT Larry Thomas from Miami, FL (Killian High School) about his recent commitment to the University of Iowa. Larry is truly a great pick-up for the University of Iowa in more ways than on the football field. Get all the details right here from HawkTalkOnline.com.

In the past few years, Iowa's success in recruiting the state of Florida has largely had to do with the amount of playing time available, however, Larry Thomas has started a new trend with Florida prospects deciding on the University of Iowa.

"The medical program at Iowa was a large part in my decision," Larry said. "They have the top medical school in the country. Football will not last forever and I want to make sure I'm successful with my career. I'm just lucky that God blessed me with talent, and now I'm just going to try and accomplish my goals. I know I will be getting trained in the best facilites possible for myself."

Central Florida and North Carolina were two other schools that offered Larry a scholarship. He also received weekly calls from Syracuse, Kentucky, and North Carolina State. I asked Larry why he chose Iowa after only taking one visit?

"I talked it over with my family. Iowa had what I was looking for in academics and football. I know that I'll be able to accomplish my goals on and off the football field, and the team is very hungry for a Big Ten Championship. I know I'm joining a good football team."

Besides playing time, Coach Bielema has been another huge reason for Iowa's success in Florida. His efforts also helped gained Larry.

"Coach Bielema is a very good coach and human being. He is straight up and I could tell that he has the athlete's best interests in heart."

Larry seems to very much fit the mold of Derrick Pickens, but the 6'2" Pickens has an inch on Larry. However, it is likely that most schools did back away a little bit because of the height.

"I'm sure some schools did want bigger DT's, but I know that I have already showed and will continue to show the coaches my case on the field."

Larry was the sixth verbal commitment for the Iowa Hawkeyes this year, and a very large one at that. Defensive tackle is a very important position in this class, and now the Hawks will attempt to sign at least two more. Larry Thomas was definitely a great way for the staff to start off.

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