Hawks Talk: Roth & Schlicher

Senior Matt Roth hounded Kent State's quarterbacks consistently throughout a 39-7 Iowa victory Saturday at Kinnick Stadium. New Hawkeye kicker Kyle Schlicher experienced an up and down debut, which could be expected. Read the thoughts of these two Hawks in this HN.com premium quotebook.


Could you talk about Greenway a little bit? He did everything but pass out programs.

Yeah. Greenway was all over the field. He played a great game. We should move him to half back.

How did you play?

I did all right. They gave me a lot of different looks that I usually don't see; a lot of double teams. But it was all right.

Is that what teams do, double team you?

Today they did. I don't know down the line. But I did all right. I hit well. I think that I played pretty good.

Did you guys miss Norm on the sidelines? I don't know how vocal he is. Does he usually get on you guys?

I think that it would be more the linebackers that would miss him because they've got to get double-coached by the Leo coach (Darrell Wilson). But we did lose a beat out there, and the linebackers played great.

You guys didn't get the shutout because of the interception return. Will you guys remind Tate of that this week?

Oh, we pitched a shutout. That's Tate's seven that he gave up. I mean, we're a team. We got the win. So, it doesn't really matter.

Will Norm be back this year?

Oh, yeah. He'll be back next week. You know, it's hard because we're a big family. Whenver a player or a coach is out, it's always hard. But, he'll be back next week, and we'll be ready to roll.

Have you talked to him?

Yeah, he's been out in practice Thursday and Friday. He's still joking around.

Will you go over to the hospital after this and go to see him?

I usually do some tailgating things things. So, I'll have to catch him on Monday.

Last year was the first time you got to look at the Cy-Hawk Trophy last year. What did you think? Kind of ugly?

It's not really the trophy. It's the meaning. I definitely like having it on our sideline. We're looking forward to it again this year.



Do you just get the misses out of your head and move on?

I put it in the background. I really wanted that last opportunity. We were real close to scoring with like 40 seconds left. They said for the field goal unit to get ready. But when it came time, they decided not to. I was disappointed because I wanted to redeem myself, kind of. I knew that I could do it. It just gives me a chance to correct the mistakes that I made earlier.

The first extra point look like it got off low.

(David Bradley) bobbled the hold. It didn't get to him properly and he tried to twist it. The ball just fell flap. It was unfortunate that it happened. But stuff like that is going to happen.

What happened on the ones that went wide?

I hit the balls well. The PAT kind of surprised me. It felt real good. But when I looked up, it wasn't good, obviously. That's just something that I've been working on, trying not to push the field goals. For some reason, when I'm on the left hash, I have a tendency to push it a little bit right.

Were you nervous out there at all?

Not really. It felt very comfortable and natural. I felt like I was meant to be out there. It was my time to be out there.

You hit your kickoffs well.

Yeah. Everything went well. I thought that I had a pretty good day. The mistakes that I had, it's just like any other position, you just learn from them. You learn more from missing field goals than making field goals.

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