Carbon Copy: Ferentz Post Game Comments

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz met with the media after the game and talked about all of the topics you want to know about: Drew Tate, dehydration, Marcus Schnoor and much, much more...More than 2,000 words fill this edition of Carbon Copy.

(pre-opening comments) Where do you get pants like that?

"Payne Stewart could pull it off, but not Phil Haddy." (In reference to Haddy's gold knickers.)"

Opening Comments

"Certainly it was good to get started, and great to come out with a win. I thought we did a lot of good things today, and played with a good effort for the most part. Needless to say there are a lot of things we need to clean up from this ball game. Some of those things are to be expected, some are not so expected. As I said during the week, we just needed to get on the game field in action and play a game. We have been practicing against each other for a long time. This will give us a better assessment of where we need to direct our efforts. In the case of our inexperienced players, it was just great for them to get out there and play in front of a crowd. That was a real positive.

The Throwback theme was great, and we salute what Rick Klatt and his people were doing with that. It was great to see a sellout on opening day. We are very appreciative of that, and hope this will continue on."

How about the Quarterback situation?

"Drew really cramped up there before halftime. I am guessing he probably played the game three times between the time we left practice yesterday and the time we suited up today. He is a high strung guy and left a lot out there. I thought he did some good things for the most part. In the first half, we had some procedure penalties. He missed a few passes that he thought he should complete. All that being said, I thought he handled himself well out there. We feel great about his future."

Do you get a little nervous when he takes off running in a pass set?

"I am sure you are referring the one to the right. No, I don't mind him running. But, that was reminiscent of the Illinois game last year when he tried to run like fullback. I pulled him aside after that and said if you want to have a long career here that is probably not a great idea to run it that way. We are all for him running the ball. But once he gets into danger to get down, especially after he gets a first down.

What about Eric McCollom's performance?

"Well, he was in a tough spot there. He was running number three for us up until Tuesday. So he really only had three days to prepare. I thought he did a lot of good things out there. We all feel is up side is way up there right now. He needs work and needs repetition. But for him to have the chance to work a half of a ball game, I think that is a real positive situation for us all. He is going to have the opportunity to run number two for a couple of weeks here. Hopefully, he can really show some improvement over the next couple of weeks – and I think he will."

Speak to the Running Backs situation

"The most unfortunate thing happening today was Marcus Schnoor being injured. Marcus has worked so hard for us for so long. This is his fourth year on campus. He has done such a great job for us every time at running back, and has been a real spark for us on special teams play. To me, that is the most disheartening thing that happened today. It is just a shame, and our thoughts are with him right now. I thought Albert Young did a lot of good things out there today. He kind of ran out of gas there at the end. Being a young guy and the first time he has really played. And, you know Sam Brownlee is going to be a tough guy back there and it was good to get him some work as well."

What is the status of Marcus Schnoor's knee?

"It appears to be an ACL injury right now. That is not good news for him, obviously."

The defense played well today, especially stopping the run. What are your thoughts?

"Well, I think our defense has a chance to be pretty tough to run against. I thought they did a really nice job today. In the first half, we played pretty well. We gave up a couple of pass plays on the sideline. In the second time, we lost our edge a little bit. There were way too many major penalties, three of which were personal fouls. All were on seniors, too. We are really going to have to do a good job of keeping our poise out there. It seemed as if there was some extra curricular activity all day long in the trenches (on the line). Even we that is going on you have to be beyond reproach. You have to keep your poise. Those types of penalties can be really costly. We had a couple of pass interference calls, two or three but I lost count on that. If we are going to play great defense, we cannot give up that kind of penalty yardage.

What is Norm Parker's status?

"Norm is doing a lot better. He had a real positive week, fortunately. They did a vein repair on Thursday I believe it was. That thing went beautifully and will help out in the short term. Not only in the short term, but the idea was really to adjust some things in the long term. He has improved circulation and is in very good spirits. I think he has ever missed a game since he has been here. Hopefully he will be out tomorrow and we certainly need him back with the team for next Saturday."

Chad Greenway (that is all that Bob Brooks said and it stood as a question)

"He almost scored on the first interception, but got the score later on. He is a high energy guy. We had some guys up front putting good pressure on the quarterback which allowed him to get his hands on some balls today. So, he was ready to go along with all the veterans. That is just invaluable to get all the guys out there on the field who have not played that much, even on the special teams. We broke down on some kick coverages."

Speaking on Kyle Schlicher

"I thought he performed well for the most part. His kickoffs were excellent. I know that the PATs were not really his fault, but the field goal he just pushed. It was great to get him out there for the first time, he did a great job."

What did you think of the offensive line?

"We have work to do and expected that. It is tough from the standpoint that we do not have a veteran group up there. This is tough preparation because we really did not know what to expect defensively from Kent State. I thought our guys stayed flexible, and we see a lot of things we can correct. The old axiom of week one to week two is pretty true. We expect this will be a real big week."

Are you anticipating Drew being back next week?

"I think the only guy today who had one of those really serious injuries was Marcus. Everyone else we are looking at dehydration. We just encouraged all the guys to stay off their feet tonight and just keep getting the water and Powerade in the them. Get their rest and stay out of the heat. We have not been in the heat that much except for two a days. This was good for us and good that we pushed through it." Was it good today to get a lot of players some experience on the field today, and will it help in the long run?

"Hopefully, anytime you can get guys out there it is a good thing. It usually means you are ahead and that is always healthy. In our case right now, that game experience is so important. Especially for guys who have not been on the field. Last night at the hotel during the meal line you see how many young guys we really have on our football team. It was just a real good start for those guys."

Will Jermelle (Lewis) play next week?

"Yes, he will be back. Well, we expect him to at least."

Mike Jones was kind of limping around towards the end of his performance day, what is his status?

"He is fine. You are talking about somewhere in the third quarter. Those guys had something like 63-65 snaps, so they played a lot of football. This was a workout for those guys. I think they were out of gas, but that is good. It will not hurt them. They need the work, we all need the work."

Does Drew Tate not like water or Powerade?

"As I said earlier, he probably had played this game three times between game time and the end of practice yesterday. Drew is a little high strung as you most will notice. The fact that he has never started a game here, couple that with the weather and that is what we are looking at there. He is kind of comical. I just told Bob (Bowlsby) up in the locker room that Drew came to me in the third quarter, walking like Festus from Gunsmoke. He says, ‘I am ready to go.' I look and his is straight legging it down the sidelines so it did not really instill a lot of confidence in me at that point."

Did you think about using your Instant Replay today?

"Well, there are probably a couple of questionable calls, but neither one fall under the realm. There was a pass on the Kent State sideline that we got a PI on that and it looked like an uncatchable ball, but that is not reviewable. There was another one where we came up with that ball, but that play had been whistled dead. So I do not think that was one that fell under that realm."

What are some of the things you are going to focus on this week?

"Well I will know more about that after we see the tapes. We just have to clean up our passing game, and get rid of the near misses. Little things add up to big things. We have got to make up some of those near misses."

Are you a superstitious guy – are the throwback uniforms here to stay for a few more weeks?

"We do okay with our old ones too. It was a great idea everyone was excited about it from the players and the public. It really added to the celebration day of Kinnick Stadium. It was a special occasion, but now we are going to move back to the normal routine."

What about Hayden being here today?

"That just added to the celebration today. He stopped by the office the other day and told a few tales. There were a couple I have heard, but a couple new ones, too. It is just great to have him on campus. Our students seeing him come out of the tunnel enjoyed it, too, and that was fantastic."

How about David Bradley's performance, averaging nearly 51 yards per punt?

"We are counting on him to really help us out, and I am sure he is going to. He is a little bit like Jason Baker, he got better each year. We are counting on him to be a good player for us this season after having a good season last year."

Do you anticipate many lineup changes for next week?

"No, nothing major. We will tweak this and that, but know where the right mix of people is."

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