Hawks Talk: Hinkel & Young

Junior Ed Hinkel paced the Hawkeyes in receptions in the 39-7 opening game win against Kent State. Albert Young led the way for the rushers. Find out the feelings of the two offensive leaders in this HN.com premium Q&A.


Would it have been nice to have Drew out there in the second half?

Yeah. It's always nice to have your starter out there. But we really didn't miss a beat with Eric.

Could it end up being a blessing because you got Eric some valuablee playing time?

Oh yeah. Especially with Jason being out, we needed a second guy to come up. Eric stepped in and did a great job. It was good day for him.

You guys rotated a lot of receivers in and out of the game today. Is that something we'll likely continue to see?

We've got a lot of guys that can play. Especially with it being so hot today, we tried to stay fresh. As soon as somebody got tired, they got out and we brought another guy in. We really don't miss a beat when somebody comes out.

Are you taking a leadership role out there?

Yeah. I'm trying to take a leadership role in the offense. I'm one of the more experienced guys on that side of the ball. I tried to be more of a leader throughout the offseason.

Do you feel like you have a connection with Drew? It seemed like you guys were on the same page today?

We lived together this summer. We really got to know each other pretty good. We kind of just developed a connection, I guess. It's something that's going to help us.


You said earlier in the week that you might have some nerves going into the game. How did it feel?

It just felt great. It took that first hit, that first tackle to get the nerves out. After that, everything was smooth and I felt comfortable out there.

When Marcus went down, what went through your mind?

You've got to get mentally ready to go the entire game. You've got to be ready for whatever is thrown at you. It was unfortunate that something like that happened. But, it's next man in. You know how it is around here.

How would you evaluate your play today?

It was OK. I mean, I didn't do anything spectacular out there. But I got the job done and did what I needed to do to help the team win. And that's all that matters to me. We got the "W".

How did you feel that the offensive played as a whole?

Things started off a little rough at first because we weren't sure what kind of defense they were going to throw at us because they've got a new coordinator. Once we picked up on that, as you guys saw, everything started to flow smooth. After that first series, we knew what we had out there and got the job done.

What were they doing initially that you guys had to pick up on?

We were prepared to go up against everything. But with the new coordinator it was more identifying what they're running. We found that out in the first series, then things went well for us.

It looked like you got a little bit more confortable as the game progressed. Would you say that that's a fair assessement?

Yeah. Definitely. This was my first game playing in front of 77,000 people. The most that I played in front of might have been 4,000. After the game got going, I blocked all of that stuff out.

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