Hawks Talk: Considine & Melloy

Defensive leader Sean Considine delivered some big hits for Iowa in Saturday's season-opening 39-7 win against Kent State. Matt Melloy grabbed two touchdown passes for the Hawkeyes. Read how the two former walk-ons evaluated personal and team performances in this Hn.com premium Q&A.


Are you happy with how the defense played today? I know you guys see more than the stats.

To an average fan, I think they would say that our defense was dominant today. But I know we're going to watch film tomorrow, and there are going to be a countless amount of things that we can fix.

We'll get on film tomorrow and see what those are. We'll hopefully get some of those fixed before next week.

Even though you're a veteran, is there still a settling in period in that first game?

Definitely. It's been a while since Jan. 3 or whenever we played Florida. To get the season started again, everyone goes through the first couple of plays where you're getting back into the tempo. After the first play, the first hit, then everything comes back to you.

How do you think Marcus (Paschal) did?

I think that he did great. Obviously you didn't see any big passes given up on that side. And he came up and made some tackles. As we get on down the line when we maybe get a little bit better running game going against us, we'll see. But Marcus has been impressing everybody since the spring. I don't see any fall off.

Do you prefer to not play against a team that's so one-dimensional?

Playing Kent State was good for us because we're going to see Michigan State, Purdue, a lot of teams down the line that run the same type of stuff that they did today. Hopefully this game will prepare us for down the line.

How do you feel physically? Are you back to 100 percent?

Yeah. I was surprised. I was a little tired during warmups, but once I got out in the game, I felt great. Conditioning wasn't a problem.



It's got to feel good to get it into the end zone a couple of times?

There's almost no better feeling than scoring a touchdown, especially for the Hawks. I was lucky to have the opportunity to put two into the end zone today. The thing is that any of the other receivers could have done it. I was wide open.

Are we going to see this deep of a receiver rotation throughout the season?

I think so. A lot of it had to do with the heat. But coach said that a lot of us are going to play. The thing is that we do have a lot of talent and lot of depth. It's great that we can go in and out like that. I hope that all of us can play like that. That would be great. It's possible.

Did it help you to feel fresh throughout the game?

Yes and no. When you were in there, you'd get winded. But it was good that you could come out if you needed a break.

Take me through your two touchdown catches.

The first one was a tunnel screen. Drew put the ball right on me. I turned up the field and looked for the hole, and the line did a great job blocking and the other receivers.

The second one, I just ran a hook to the back of the end zone. I turned around, and nobody was around.

Did the defensive back just release you?

I think that it was cover-two. He just went to the flat, and I was sitting there all by myself. I was just saying, "Don't drop this one."

It seemed like you and Ed definitely were on the same page with Drew. Any reason for that?

Drew had been here. This is his second year on campus. We've been playing with him for a while. He's a real good quarterback. He puts the ball where it needs to be.

Was it good to get a chance to play with Eric in the second half?

I think so. It's too bad that Drew came down with dehydration. But it was good for Erci in case anything happens to Drew in the next few games. Eric came in and did a great job for us. he showed a lot of poise out there.

Is that Kent State team a little better than some people might have thought?

I thought that they played hard and they played well. Hats off to them. They played hard the whole game. We had to play our best to beat them.

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