Hawks Talk: McMahon and Jovon Johnson

Two of Iowa's most veteran players, right guard Pete McMahon and corner Jovon Johnson share their thoughts on the heat, the game and in the case of McMahon, changing positions.

Pete McMahon

"To start, it was a good win. Nice to win the first game.You have to look at it from that aspect, but we also need some work. And, the linemen have things we can improve on."

How do you think the line did as a whole?

"We did a pretty good job, but there are still a lot of things we need to work on. That could be said of every o-line in the country, though. But I think we had a pretty good performance."

Where do you the most work as a unit?

"Pretty much all the way around. I think everyone has their little improvements they need to make. There are a couple of times today I think we should have put it in (the endzone), but end up with a field goal or a field goal attempt. We need to improve on the goal line.

When the injuries began to mount, what was your mind set?

"No matter who is back there, we still have to do our jobs and gut it out. We just have to try and score every play."

How does this line compare to the experienced lines of the past two years?

"Well, I think we need to improve, but we have all the tools. We got off to a fair start today. We have to try and not be complacent and just get better each week. I think that is the key. If you look at the at all the other lines in the past, what made them so good was game by game improvement. As stated, every thing and every one is here to be a solid offensive line. We will be better each week."

Did you have any difficulty making the switch to guard?

"No, I played it last year so that is not an issue. I will just plug in where Coach Ferentz wants me to be."

Jovon Johnson

You had a winning start to the season, how do you feel?

"I feel like there are a couple of plays out there we should have made. We will improve on them each game, and the coaches will have the film broken down for us to look at. It is one step at a time as a team.

The defensive was pretty sound today, keeping a pretty solid balance rush to pass. We allowed (-13) yards rushing. Speak to that a little bit.

"Coach told us that the MAC teams came out and threw at us. We stepped it up and played great, but have to work on some things. Overall it was a good performance. We have to come back next week ready to go because Iowa State is going to be ready."

I know Coach Doyle has strong workouts in the summer and in the fall for the team. How did that conditioning come into play with the weather being so warm on the field?

"Overall it was OK, thanks to the work we put in over the summer. Just knowing we have some players dehydrated kind of makes you a bit scared, but toughness breeds character. There is a possibility that someone could go down at any time, so you gotta be ready. It does not matter if you are first or second team, you are prepared as a starter. Everybody was ready to go today."

The defensive backfield is pretty experienced in the defensive backfield. Do you feel that game by game that (being the experience) will be a key for the defense?

"We got a good group of guys, and it will factor into how we will play the rest of the season. With veteran guys back there, you know that you can do your thing and not worry about everyone else."

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