Carbon Copy: Ferentz Presser Potpurri for 9/7

When Kirk Ferentz wasn't being asked about the Iowa State game on Tuesday, he talked about Drew Tate, Albert Young, Adam Shada and the true freshmen who may or may not play this year, as well as updates on David Walker, Brian Ferentz, Norm Parker and much, much more.

Q: After watching the game on film, did you learn anything more about your team?

I sensed on Saturday that we had some things that needed to be addressed, and those things showed up on tape. That being said, we did some things maybe a little better than I thought we did as I came off the field on Saturday. I thought that offensively we were a little cleaner than it appeared from the sideline. We have a lot of things that are correctable now, and that is the challenge that is ahead for us and that is in all three phases. We hardly got through it in all three phases. All of the illustrations were there for the guys on tape Sunday, we looked at them and walked through some corrections and now starting today we will actually get to work on those things.

Q: Are you comfortable with the veterans playing this year and the true freshmen may all redshirt?

We are still treading water a bit in some areas, but I feel comfortable with where we are. I think there is a chance that maybe we will play Adam Shada this week. I think I said last week that he had had four or five days of leg problems going into last week's preparation, and we held him out. We may go ahead and play him. The other three guys I mentioned last week (Seth Olsen, Matt Kroul and Charles Godfrey), I think we will hold them back at this point, but things can change fast.

Q: Talk about Adam Shada and what he has done to perhaps stave off the red shirt

From day one, he has done a nice job. He took to the position change really naturally. We are working him at corner. He is a good athlete with a good attitude and he picks things up really well. Up until the time he got hurt (some leg problems), he really was keeping pace with everyone. I think situationally we will find some spots to play him and we feel he is a guy that can help us out on special teams. All that being said, I think we are leaning towards getting him in the game this weekend, but we will see how it goes. I wondered during the course of the summer if he would be a safety candidate. When we were recruiting him, we were not quite sure what he would be, be it a receiver, a corner or a safety. I think corner is probably best for him and best for our team.

Q: Talk about Albert Young

He did well. I think he was anxious to play and when Marcus went down, that caused a lot of concern because we are not deep at that position, or were not on Saturday. Factoring in the heat, and you see Drew go down and a few other guys getting some cramps, including Albert, that made it a little bit more exciting. In that third quarter when Drew was out, the game was not in hand at that point. It was a cause for anxiety with all of the circumstances. Fortunately he got through it well and I think he was excited to get his first playing experience like a lot of our players were.

Q: Is Albert going to play this week?

I think both of them will play, and as for deciding who will start, I think we will reserve that to the end of the week. But both of them are going to play, there is no question about that.

Q: Was there anything to read into Drew Tate and his heat cramps?

Carl Jackson was teasing him a little bit, as they are both from that same part of the country. Carl was telling Drew that Saturday was like a spring or a fall day down in Texas. I think it was more than the heat. I think he spent a lot of energy getting to the game and getting into the game. That is just the way Drew is built; first game in college and all of that stuff. I like to think we are beyond that, and I think we are. We will take precautions with the guys with cramping. Some of the guys have that happen to them a little bit easier. We didn't know that Drew was on that list.

Q: How had Drew made the adjustment from shot gun quarterback to being under center most of the time?

I think that was one of the questions we had recruiting him. You saw him primarily as a shotgun player in high school. Drew has done a real good job dropping back. His mechanics are real good.

Q: Do you think Jermelle will be ready on Saturday?

I would hope so. It's his first game and I hoping he is anxious to go and ready to perform. We are anticipating that. (Lewis)

Q: Talk about your receiving corps. You saw a lot of players, but do you want to have a ‘go to' guy emerge?

If it happens it's a nice thing. You would like to develop that if you can. There is a lot to be said for balance, too. I think we will have a chance to have balance this year if things keep progressing.

Q: Would Ed Hinkel qualify for that with his efforts on Saturday?

It's too early to say that. He had a good game on Saturday, and that was nice to see because he had such a frustrating year last year with those leg injuries. He never could quite get to full speed. Everytime you see a player go through a year like that, you want to see things work out for him, and he took a positive step that way.

Q: How are David Walker and Brian Ferentz coming along?

David work some last week and we are hoping to put him into some team work this week (not live). We are hoping maybe two or three weeks. We are within striking distance. Brian actually cleared a few hurdles last week mentally and physically. He took a positive step last week and we will start working him in with some individual drills. He beat up on Chris (Doyle) last week, and we are going to call him off Chris and have him work on some guys that have some helmets on. We don't want to lose Chris for the year.

Q: What is the latest on Norm Parker

Norm was released from the hospital yesterday, so things are moving along. We have to be careful as to how much he is moving around. He has a return visit tomorrow and hopefully he will get his marching orders tomorrow afternoon and we are hoping he can be in the press box on Saturday. He has a nice lounge chair up in his office, too. I caught AJ Blazek up there taking naps occasionally. Hopefully Norm will get to use that pretty soon.

Q: Antwan Allen had a tough game with the penalties. Is his position still open to competition?

Every position on our roster is open to evaluation and we are holding everybody accountable towards improvement. But I am not going to evaluate those penalties or give you any commentary, because that would be treading in waters I am not supposed to go into.

That being said, I think our entire defense in the second half lost the edge concentration wise, and sometimes penalties are tied in to that. We all need to step up this week in practice and perform at a little better rate.

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