ISU Pregame: Considine & Greenway

Many believe that Saturday's matchup between Iowa and Iowa State will be a defensive struggle. Should that play out, Hawkeyes Chad Greenway and Sean Considine likely are to factor heavily into the outcome. Read what the duo had to say about the contest with the Cyclones and some of their other thoughts in this premium Q&A.


It seems like a lot of the Iowa fans think this game Saturday is going to be a wipeout. What would you say to that?

I'd say, you know, out of the last six games, we've only won one. They've got that in their hand right now, and we better come out ready to play. They always come out ready to play us.

Not having beaten them at Kinnick seems like one of the few things that you guys haven't done the last couple of years.

Yeah, and every year one of our goals is to defend Kinnick Stadium. And the fact that we haven't done that...I think they've beaten us here three times in a row. That's something that we want to change. Any time that somebody walks into Kinnick, we want to defend our territory. We haven't done that for a while with Iowa State.

Is their a difference between the two quarterbacks that they use?

We haven't had a lot of time to break down film. But, I've watched a little bit of film on them. I think that they're both pretty similar quarterbacks. They both run real well. And they both pass well.



Tell me about the Sporting News.

(Laughs) Well, everybody is kind of blowing this out of proportion. The overrated thing came out a while ago. I've gotten more good publicity than bad publicity. I really have nothing to say about that. I came out and I just played my game. It really wasn't to prove anybody wrong. It was more for our team to get the win.

Coach said that you have it hanging up in your locker.

Any player that gets bad publicity against them, they're going to put it up in their locker, put it up in their room. It's just a little motivation for themselves. It motivates me because any time somebody says that you can't do something or you're not good at something, it's going to motivate you to do the opposite. It's a little bit motivating, but at the same time, I just need to come out and play hard.

Do you feel like Saturday was the best that you ever played?

No. I don't think so. It may have been one of the better games that I've played, but year I had more fundamentally sound games, made fewer mental mistakes and things like that. Saturday, the ball kind of popped in my direction. I just caught it and ran with it.

You say you take this as just another game. But you have to see other guys on the team getting a little bit more torked up about this one.

The guys from Iowa are a little more torked up about it. They've been around it their whole life. Me, I've only been around it for a couple of years now. At the same time, it's just another game but it's not. It's your rival. It's like playing Wisconsin or Minnesota. You've got to come ready to play because they're going to bring that added juice to the game.

Doesn't that excitement from the Iowa players rub off on the rest of you guys?

It definitely rubs off. We're going to be watching more film than normal. We're going over things a little bit more and just trying to do everything right to prepare ourselves the best that we can.

When you look up into the stands and see so many other fans pulling for the other team than in a normal week, that's got to be a little strange. Do you feel that extra energy?

Well, in Kinnick, it's strange to see that much other colors other than the Black and Gold. We just go out there and play hard for the Black and Gold.

And it's been quite a while since you guys have beaten Iowa State here.

It's been a while. But the way that we look at it is that we're 1-0 in this series right now. We just have to look at it that way with a positive. They've had our number over the last six years if you look at the overall conceptualization of the thing. We're 1-5 in the last six. They've had a great six-year run. We just need to come ready to play because they're going to come here fired up. They're very talented.

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