Hawks Talk: Roth & Hinkel

Matt Roth and Ed Hinkel helped propel Iowa to a 17-10 victory against rival Iowa State Saturday at Kinnick. Roth took on a day's worth of double teams freeing up teammates to make plays. Hinkel delivered a highlight reel moment with a circus catch for a touchdown. Read comments from both players in this HN.com premium Q&A.


Did you feel like this game would come down to defense?

I think the defense had a good showing, and our offense came out moved the ball well. We had wide receivers catching balls. It was a team effort.

What did they do to you, double and triple team you the whole game?

Man, we get some different looks. I'm starting to get used to it now. I'm going to have to work extra hard in practice. But they're bringing guys that cut and cutting guys from the tight end. I'm just going to have to work extra hard to get to that quarterback.

Can you talk about Tyler Luebke today? It seemed like he was everywhere.

Tyler's always in there plugging. And Babineaux and D-Rob and everyone's working hard. But yeah, Tyler is always all over the field.

Was there anything said when you guys took the field for their last series?

Our kickoff cover team had to step it up a little bit. They were giving up a lot of yards. We came out and made the correction and the defense held them and the offense ran the ball out.

Did you guys get together on the sidelines before you ran out there?

Oh yeah. We kept on saying the whole time, "We've got to stop them. We can't rely on the offense to score another seven."

We went out with that two-minute drill, and we executed.

Is it frustrating getting double teamed all of the time?

It (helps) other guys (make) plays, so I don't mind. As long as we're winning, I don't care.

Did you think that this game would come down to a defensive stop?

We knew it was going to be a dog fight in there. We knew we had to rely on our defense if it came down to it.

Did Iowa State play better than you expected them to?

No. We know they're going to come out and it's going to be a dog fight. They gave us their best shot. It was a pretty darn good one. We just executed better.


Are you guys disappointed in the offense or are you just happy that you got enough to win?

That's the main thing is that we got the win. We'll look at film tomorrow and make the corrections we need to. The biggest thing right now is that we got the win. We're 2-0.

When you make a catch like that, what's going on in your mind?

Marcus Schnoor has been getting on me saying that I've only made one play here - the one at Penn State ('02). When I came off of the sideline (Saturday), he said, "All right, now you've got two." I kind of got that off of my back now. I'm just going to go out and try to make some more.

Did you think that it was beyond you?

I wasn't sure. It felt like it was up there forever just floating. I just kept running and eventually got to it.

Did you run a stop and go (route)?

No, it was just a takeoff route. Drew put the ball out there, and I went and got it.

How do you know when to jump?

It's just kind of instinct, I guess. You can't practice things like that.

You guys were 25-point favorites coming into this game. Did you ever think that you were 25 points better than this team?

No. Not at all. There's no way that we should have been 25-point favorites. Iowa State was a great team. They showed that today.

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