Hawks Talk: Greenway & Shada

LB Chad Greenway continued to terrorize the opposing offense in Iowa's crucial 17-10 victory against Iowa State Saturday. Meanwhile, Hawkeye true freshman Adam Shada began his college career with his first game action in the memorable win. Read what both players had to say about the victory in this premium Q&A.


On the fourth down play (on the last drive), did you guys say anything special in the huddle?

"Don't let them get the first down." (Laughter) We knew...the offense did a good job early in the day. They got some points on the board. And we had to go out there and play our game. We tried to be physical, they kept coming at us, and we kept fighting.

Were they more physical than what they've been in the past?

I would say so. I would say so. Their offensive line was physical. Their backs were physical. I mean, Hicks is pretty big. And then they bring in that No. 4 as a change of pace back. I think they're more physical than they have been in the past.

Are you surprised the game was as close as it was?

No. Absolutely not. I knew they were going to come in here and give a good fight. Iowa-Iowa State is going to be a close game no matter where you play or what the circumstances are. We could be 1-10, they could be undefeated. It's still going to be a good game.

They missed three field goals. Did you feel that take some steam out of them at all?

The guys demeanor really didn't change much. I think they kind of knew. It's a young kicker. He's not a Nate Kaeding. He might be some day. They may not have expected it, but they weren't let down by it. They kept fighting. Missing three field goals, they gave it a heck of an effort.

Roth said that Norm must have called you guys at halftime because all you guys started to take off?

Yeah. Me and Abdul talked with him. He was just telling us, not big things, just little adjustments to make and some things that we were doing wrong.

Considering your next two are on the road, how huge is it to be 2-0?

It's definitely a lot different than if were were 1-1 right now. It's nice to be 2-0. Now, we have to go to the heat in Arizona. They're going to be hungry for a "W" against us after what we did to them last year, defensively. Their offense is high powered. They have a lot of people back. It's going to be a tough one down there, and then the Big House. The next two weeks are going to be critical in our season. We just need to come to practice this week and focus on what we need to do.

Do you feel kind of fortunate that you came out with this one?

I mean the middle of the third quarter they score a touchdown and it's 17-10. And their defense today was stuffing everything. They were running around and doing good things. It made me a little nervous. But we kept playing. We kept our heads in it and kept playing. We kept doing the little things right. That's what eventually won out.

Were you surprised at how determined they were?

Yeah. Definitely. They came out and tried to muscle us around and play our game. They did a good job of that.

How about your guys? How would you grade your peformance today?

As usual, we made some mistakes. But we held in there, held out ground at the end. And that's all that matters. We did fairly well.


What was your first taste of the Iowa-Iowa State rivalry like?

You could feel it. Especially in practice with the tempo building up. And then there's always a calm before the storm. (Friday) night I don't think that anyone was talking at all. It was crazy. It was exciting, especially the fans. The fans were wild.

Was the intensity unlike anything you've ever experienced?

Last week was pretty crazy, too. Maybe it was because it was my first week. But compared to high school, oh yeah, it was great.

What was the reality of being able to get out there and play compared to maybe what you expected?

It was great. I didn't really have anything to expect. I was just a little nervous and excited to get out there. I got the butterflies out early and had a couple of plays to get my feet wet. It was a good time. I enjoyed it.

Was the speed of the game what you expected?

Yeah. It was pretty much what I expected. With as good of an offense as we have, they guys practice extremely hard, and I was pretty much accustomed to that. They go 100 percent in practice. It wasn't a huge difference compared to practice, but it was definitely a change from high school.

Is it a situation now where you may be looking forward to getting in on a couple of plays as a CB?

I'm always working hard in case that chances arises. But again, that's up to the coaches. If they see that I'm fit to fill a spot in there then I'll do my best.

Was that a cheap shot or were you just not expecting it when you got ran over on the punt team?

That was my fault because I was locked up with my guy. I should have been peeling off when Ed yelled poison when he was letting the ball bounce. I was kind of locked up and then at the last second I looked over and saw the ball. He caught me from the side. But it was my fault. I was sitting around by the ball and I shouldn't be.

Did it feel good in a way to get hit to let you know that you're playing again?

Yeah. But it would have been better if I was hitting them.

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