Hawks Talk: Considine & Luebke

The Iowa defense stood up to the task once again in a 17-10 victory against Iowa State Saturday in Iowa City. Senior standouts Tyler Luebke and Sean Considine played a major role in frustrating the Cyclones. Read their thoughts on the big win in this HN.com premium Q&A.


Do you feel like you guys took a step forward today?

Defensively, that's the only thing that I can really speak for, we took a step forward. We knew that they were going to come in and throw those option passes and have trick plays that year in and year out they show that they do. Today was no different and we were prepared well. We did what we needed to do. We got the "W."

Did that option pass keep you on your toes?

Yeah, especially from the secondary when you're wanting to go up there and help with the run. You know in the back of your mind that there's the possibility that he can drop back and throw the option pass. It was a tough day in the secondary. We did a pretty good job of keeping stuff in front of us, for the most part.

How much do emotions play into it?

It's big. You try to go into it just like any other game. But with the atmosphere around the state, it's a little different than some games are. As players, you're a little more hyped up for it. You might do a little more preparation. Emotionally we came ready to play and we did enough to get the win.

What changes now that you guys go on the road for two?

It's going to be a long trip down to Arizona State. That's the longest trip that I've taken other than the bowl games. Coach Ferentz is a professional about every detail and I know he'll talk about it this week. There's not going to be any surprises. We'll be ready for whatever comes about. He told us a month ago that we're not going to get home until 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

How much to you value two wins in a row over Iowa State after losing three in a row?

As a senior, you don't want to end it on a loss to Iowa State. You know you're not going to get another shot at them. You need to make the most of the opportunity.


This seemed like your kind of game.

It was fun. It was tough up front. We had a war going on.

It looked like they were running at you, at least early.

I love it when they run the ball at me. It's exciting for me to try to get at the ball carrier.

When you and Abdul wrapped up Meyer on that last play, did you say anything to each other?

I was just looking at the yard marker to make sure that he didn't get the first down.

How does it feel to know you leave with two wins over ISU in your last two tries?

It feels good. It definitely would have been nice to have won some of the other ones. But they're an excellent ball team. It's such a big game of emotions. It's a toss up for what's going to happen each year. It's just whoever has the best mental focus.

How much did emotions play into this game?

We were pretty emotional. We knew that we had to take care of it. We were pretty mentally focused the entire game. We didn't lose our composure. Here and there we had a late hit, but came out at the end.

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