Hawks Talk: Chandler, Tate & Jermelle

The Iowa offense showed flashes of future success during Saturday's 17-10 win against ISU at Kinnick. TE Scott Chandler, QB Drew Tate and RB Jeremelle Lewis stood among those Hawkeyes involved in exciting plays. Read what the trio said about the hard-fought victory in this HN.com premium Q&A.


You kind of looked like your brother kind of pinballing around on that one catch.

He's a lot bigger than I am.

When you changed positions, did you call your brother and talk to him about it?

Oh yeah. We keep in touch pretty well. We talk usually once or twice a week. He just says to go out there and do what's best for the team. That's the same mindset that I had. Neither of us were very disappointed or anything. I'll probably get pretty good playing time and get a chance to catch the ball. I want to help the team. That's the main thing.

What's the biggest change?

I've got to learn how to block. I'm used to blocking corners and safeties my whole life. Now, I'm blocking D-Ends and LBs. There's a big difference.

How much weight have you put on since you've been at Iowa?

I came in at 220. I'm 235.

Where's the ceiling? Where would you like to get to?

As long as I can keep my speed, I think maybe 255. I don't think I'll be moving down to tackle any time soon.

Did it help to make the move knowing the success of Dallas and Erik Jensen?

Those guys were great workers. I knew that it was going to be a lot of work. I guess that I thought about it a little bit. But there were opportunities at receiver, too. But we have a lot of depth at receiver. I think it was a good move for the team. I trust the coaches a lot here. They knoe what they're doing.

The other guys have really helped me along. Tony Jackson, Mike Follet and Ryan Majerus have really been great in coaching me up some.


Did your legs cramp less than they did last week?

I did all of the stuff that I was supposed to do during the week. I got in at halftime, and I just felt sick. I got sick, and I didn't have anything left. I had to start over right after that. I had enough once I got back on the sidelines.

You were bent over there. It didn't look good for awhile.

I went back out on the field and I was probably just bloated because I had so much to drink.

Can you tell us about the touchdown pass to Hinkel?

Their safety walked down on the weak side, and Hinkel just made a great route and then just an unbelievable catch.

And he made you look pretty good with that catch?

He did. But everybody up front did what they were supposed to do. And he just made a great catch.

He said that it seemed like it hung in the air forever.

I threw it up high and far because I saw him getting jammed. It was to give him enough time to get off of the jam and try to get under it.

Is Chandler a pretty nice target for you?

Yeah. He brings a lot to the table with his speed and his ability to block. With the position change that he made, it's great for him and it's great for us.

How would you describe Iowa State's defensive play?

I thought that they were unbelievable. They've got a great scheme and a great defensive coordinator. Coach McCarney does a great job. They made it tough for a lot of things for us to do. They run well in the secondary. Their defensive line did a great job. They came out and were fired up in the second half. We kind of lost some stuff there. But we got the "W" and that's all that really matters.

It was a 60-minute game today wasn't it?

The defense, they came up big. That's what we need for us to win games. They stopped them when they needed to. Those first three points that they got were my fault. It was just a bad throw. But the defense did what they were supposed to do, and everything worked out.

The coach said that you're one tough competitor. Do you feel tough and do you feel banged up right now?

That's what I'm expected to do. If I get hit, I get hit. I'm the quarterback. If I get hit. I get back up and get the next play. I'm a competitor. There's nothing better than to beat people. I love to beat people more than anything that I can think of.


Did they do anything different after that first series?

A lot of things happened on our side of the ball. We just made a lot of mistakes, a lot of uncharacteristic things. At the same time, while we were making mistakes, they were smacking us in the mouth. There were a lot of things that didn't go our way.

How much time had you had to run with the first team offensive line?

I've been running with them for a while. The timing is there. We just made a lot of mistakes.

What kinds of mistakes?

Missed blocks. Missed assignments. Not blocking the guy long enough. Missed reads, I know that I missed a lot of reads today. We'll watch the tape. We'll figure it out.

What's your biggest concern after two games?

I wouldn't really call them concerns. I know there are some things that we've got to work on as far as making sure that we're not out there thinking too much. We just need to go out and react and play football.

How much did their blitzing throw you guys off?

Not a lot because we expected them to come. It didn't trouble us that much. As an offense, we didn't accomplish what we wanted to accomplish. It didn't help that they were playing solid on defense. Putting those two together, and we didn't come up with much. There were a lot of plays that we left out there. We could have had a lot of big plays. If we bring it to them, we've got to keep on doing it. We can't play in spurts. The defense was out there on the field way to long.

What happened on the interception? Was the ball behind you?

I couldn't see Drew. It was my fault. I should have run that a little bit more. I couldn't see him. When I saw the ball, I tipped it up in the air. It was prettyuch a busted play.

When you had that 15-yard run on the first play, did that pick up your confidence?

Actually, that tired me out. My adrenaline was flowing so hard. I had to calm down a little bit.

How tough was last week?

It was pretty tough. You know me, I'm a competitor. I like to get out there on the field. That was real tough to handle. I'm really not even thinking about myself if I'm not out there. I've got to keep encouraging the guys.

Did it scare you when Albert went down?

Yeah. Me and Albert are really close. That kind of worries me because I had an ACL injury. I get worried when somebody goes down.

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