Carbon Copy: Kirk Ferentz Post Game, Part I

In part one of his post game press conference with the media, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz gives his general thoughts on the game, the defensive struggle that ensued, Ed Hinkel's play, his offensive line and the performance of Drew Tate. Plus an Iowa v Iowa State photo gallery...

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Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz's Opening Post Game Comments

"First and foremost, a couple of points. First, we are excited to get the win. That being said, I told our team on Tuesday this would be a 60-minute ballgame. We really felt that would be the case, and that is exactly how it panned out. A big compliment to Iowa State in their efforts. They played a great game, were well prepared and we anticipated that. They played very hard. I think that is what you saw; two teams playing tough and getting after it a little bit out there. It is a great series, a great rivalry, and we are happy and fortunate to be on the winning end of it today."

What about the defense, that was the story wasn't it?

"It really was. It's pretty clear as you can see right now. We are playing pretty well, yet have some things to clean up. We had a couple of penalties that hurt us; both personal fouls, and that will catch up to us eventually. They ran that risk today, certainly. All in all, our guys did a great job and buckled down. We are going to need to continue to improve in that area."

Can you comment on Ed Hinkel's catch?

"Extremely big play. Drew threw a real nice ball on that. I mean Ed came up big for us, not only on offense, but also on the special teams. His contributions kind of points out our lack of experience. That is one of our most experienced guys, though he had some injuries last year. He is comfortable operating out there. It was just a beautiful play."

Were you aware of the change in quarterbacks (for Iowa State) throughout the game?

(chuckling) "It kind of dawned on us, yeah. With all do respect to the guy that came in, it is tough to come in cold off the bench. We have been in that position, too. It is just hard for a guy to come in cold off the sideline."

After two games, are you able to get a good read on your offensive line?

"I am not sure we made progress today, and that is certainly disappointing. We came out of the gate the first series and looked like we were a crisp offense. We had some pretty good energy and that seemed to wane. Then in the third quarter, it was a little reminiscent of a few years ago. If there is one positive, we buckled down in the fourth quarter and did what we had to do to get the win. We obviously have a lot of work to do there right now. We are young and I think it is showing."

Will you evaluate Drew Tate for us after this performance?

"Yeah, after one and a half games we can evaluate him a little bit. First of all, it was great to see him finish a game. Gary Dolphin just said he looked like he rode in on a horse up from Texas to get here. That was kind of what he looked like at the end. But Drew is an emotional guy, and expends a lot when he plays. He is a tough competitor and a guy who throws good balls. We are going to have to continue to work with him on recognition and those types of things. But for playing as little as he has, I really think he has done a good job. He gives us a chance out there."

Was he (Tate) cramping up a little bit?

"He cramped up at the end of the game. He got beat up a little bit and it was another hot day. It's kind of ironic that we might have had one hot day during fall practice. It was real hot and we had heat and humidity. The only other hot days we have had since then have been the last two Saturdays. We don't count Friday since we do not do anything on Friday."

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