Hawks Talk: Jovon Johnson

Iowa junior cornerback Jovon Johnson saw a few passes come his way today, but like the rest of the Iowa defense, he may have bent, but he did not buckle. Read Jovon's post game thoughts on Iowa v Iowa State...

Jovon Johnson

What does it feel like to be 2-0 in your career against Iowa State?

"It feels really good to have two victories under my belt against Iowa State in two games. It feels good because it was against a good team that we played today."

The defense played well again today. To what should that be attributed to?

"I feel like our defense stepped up today and made the big plays. Of course, we gave them some plays we should not have because we are an experienced group. On the one play, the smash and go route, I over pursued the passing lane and gave up a touchdown. Things like that should not happen. Those are plays our defense is going to make from here on out."

What was the defense's mentality in the huddle when you needed one stop for the win at the end of the game?

"We knew it was gut check time. We knew they would try to go up top to make a big play and get closer to the end zone. I mean all we had to do was step up and make plays. We just told each other to batten down the hatches and check the gut."

Was there anyone in the huddle who was particularly loud at that moment?

"Roth came up to me and told me I had to make a play. I gave up one and it was time to redeem myself. They ran it, we made the stop – that is the only thing that matters in the end."

When Iowa State started to get momentum on the offensive side of the ball in the second half, that was the gut check you needed right there – was it not?

"They came up big with the big play against me, a play I should have made and didn't. Those things happen out there so you have to lose it from your mind and go to the next play. Coach told us that when our offense was having a bit of trouble, the defense would have to make the big play. We did that, ball game over. Hawks win."

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