Eubanks Sets First Official Visit to Iowa

Rafael Eubanks, one of the nation's more highly regarded offensive linemen, has set his first official visit and it will be to the University of Iowa. Find out the reasons behind the visit and Eubanks' plans to trim his list down in the near future.

It was my pleasure this evening when Rafael Eubanks informed me that he wanted me to be the first to know that he had set his first official visit.

"I have set an official visit to Iowa for the December 3rd weekend," said Eubanks. "This doesn't put them any higher on my list than the other schools I'm considering, but they are the first school I felt ready to officially visit. They were the first to offer me, and I have a lot of loyalty for that fact."

Eubanks expanded even further about his interest in the Iowa Hawkeyes.

"I went to their game against Michigan last fall with my father, and also attended a basketball game for one of their junior days. I didn't know what to expect when going down there coming from a large metropolitian area. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be very busy down there, but I was shocked with what I saw. Their fans are just crazy, and I cannot even explain the excitement that was in the air."

Eubanks also mentions head coach Kirk Ferentz as a big factor of his interest in Iowa. Have the two spoken recently?

"I spoke to him when I called in back in August during one of their national call-in days. Otherwise, Coach (Eric) Johnson is the one recruiting me on a weekly basis. It definitely helps knowing Coach Ferentz's track record having been a former offensive line assistant in the NFL."

So any other changes that should be reported on Rafael's list?

"Well, you can add Tennessee to my list as they just offered two weeks ago. So now it is up to eight schools on my list, but I will have to be looking at trimming that very soon."

How many schools will make his final cut?

"Well, I want to use all five of my official visits as some of the schools on my list I have never had the chance to see. I might be able to take an official visit on the October 22nd weekend as I have a Thursday night game, or otherwise, I'll be making all my visits in December and January."

Eubanks knows a tough decision is ahead, even in narrowing his list, and he has been doing his homework.

"I've been following the recruiting classes of each of these schools very closely. I'm probably not as knowledgable about the classes as you guys are, but it is definitely something I'm keeping an eye on."

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