Hawks Talk ASU: Tate & Considine

Iowa QB Drew Tate talks about overcoming dehydration heading to the desert and what it's going to take to top the Sun Devils for a second year in a row. FS Sean Considine discusses preparations for Arizona St. QB Andrew Walter, who likely will challenge the Hawkeye secondary. Read all about it in this HN.com premium Q&A.


Are they going to put a monitor on you this week?

Not that I know of. They haven't told me anything yet. They might. They might have something that they were talking about. Right now, they just keep telling me to drink. I probably just need to settle down a little more when I'm out there.

What is your view of the offensive line and where it's at?

They're a bunch of young guys. They're doing the best that they can. They're giving as much time as they can give me. I try to help them out and get rid of the ball as quick as I can and just try to keep them positive in the huddle. We don't want to talk about anything negative talkd about. They're doing fine. And they're going to be fine down the road.

It takes a while, doesn't it?

Yeah. It takes a while. We're only into our second game. We're going into our third. We're losing time. We need to start getting ready. But they're going to be fine with a little more time.

It looks like ASU switched its defensive scheme this year?

Yeah. They switched. They're still aggressive just like they were last year. There are just different looks, but they're still going to come after us. We've got to be on our toes just like we were last week. It's going to be a tough game.

What do you think of Walter?

I don't know much about him. Everyone says that he's a really good quarterback and he throws really good. I'm sure he does. The only time I've ever seen him play was against us last year, and he looked pretty good. What they do as an offense, they do pretty good. It's going to be a tough battle for our defense.

Do you expect a lot of eight-man fronts and a lot of pressure?

Probably so. A lot of people are probably going to come after us and stuff knowing that we've had some problems on the offensive line with injuries and stuff like that. If we can beat them, they probably won't come after us as much. But we have our (work) cut out for us this week. We just have to have a good week of preparation.

Does that speed up your preparation knowing the line might take a while to mature?

Not really. We have plays where the ball comes our a little quicker than others, but the coaches will have a good game plan for us. We'll be ready.

Is it going to be tough to settle yourself down? You feed off of emotion.

I'm just excited that I'm playing and I'm out there. I try to get everyone going and things like that. I just need to settle down and just kind of sit down between series on the bench and just get some water and just cool off instead thinking of other things and doing other stuff.

What have you been doing when the defense is on the field?

I like to watch our defense. But I probably just need to talk to Coach O'Keefe and the other players and just see what's going on and just sit down and just talk and just relax.

Is it tiring and/or embarrassing to keep getting asked about the dehydration?

Not really. That happens. Once it gets corrected nobody will ask. It's not a big deal.



Are you prepared for maybe a faster game, just the pace of the game to pick up with regards to the passing attack?

They're going to be passing a lot. The clock will be stopped quite a bit. The game will probably seem a little longer than the ones that we've been playing in. But we faced that last year, and we should be ready for it, hopefully.

Do you watch extra film of (Walter)?

Yeah. We watch extra film every week. It's not like we're going to pick of our film watching any more this week than what we normally do. But we know as a secondary that we're going to have to be a little more prepared because they have a great quarterback and they have a good scheme.

You guys haven't really blitzed much or run many different packages. Do you anticipate maybe a little bit more of that this week?

That's up to the defensive coaches. I have no clue what their game plan is right now. With a great quarterback like him, you can't just let him go back there and set up and look at his receivers and give him all day to throw because he'll pick you apart. So, I'm sure we'll have something to do blitz wise.

Are there benefits to having played against him last year?

Oh yeah. Definitely. Just to play against him and the offense that he runs, we kind of got a feel for how he runs it and how they're going to be with him back there. I expect him to come out this year and have a great game. We've just got to be ready for that.

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