Iowa-ASU Quote Book: Tate, Roth, Lewis & McMahon

As a group, we got worked in every phase today. Special teams, defense, offense. As a team you can't point fingers, so we're just gonna get better and improve and we've got some football still ahead of us, so it's not too late." - Matt Roth. Read the rest of Roth's thoughts on the Iowa-ASU game, as well as those from Drew Tate, Jermelle Lewis and Pete McMahon


Honestly I really can't pinpoint it, but just like we gotta do every week, whether it's a win or a loss, we gotta get back in the film and correct our mistakes, so I really can't tell you where we went wrong. We didn't execute.

Q: Did the delay and that it was a road night game take you guys out of your comfort zone?

I didn't think we were uncomfortable at all. When it's all said and done, you gotta show up on the field to play a football game.

Q: What went into a loss like this?

We didn't get nothing done on all three phases of the game.

Q: What can be done to turn things around?

First and foremost we gotta pick our heads back up. We gotta get back into our mental focus moving forward. That's our biggest thing, just keep making improvements. And know that when we go into the Big Ten, it's gonna be a lot tougher than what we faced tonight, so we just gotta get our minds right.

Q: What was said at halftime?

Just keep fighting. That's who we are. If we're down or up, we're gonna keep fighting. We just have to make it a dogfight. That's pretty much it.


Q: What do you do after a game like this?

Just watch film and get mental reps in watching it. We'll find out how much heart we got and just bounce back. A loss is a loss. We gotta accept that. There's nothing we can do about it now. We can just have a great week of practice and just get ready for the Big Ten and Michigan.

Q: Where is this team mentally right now?

Everyone's down right now. It's gonna be like that, but I think they have this 24 hour rule, just flush it and get ready for next week and that's the only thing we can do about it right now…For some people it's probably easy, for some people it's probably not. But you're gonna have to and that's just the way it works right now.

Q: How will you handle it?

It's gonna be a pretty tough Sunday and I'll probably think about it a little Monday, but once Tuesday comes around, I'll be over it. I'll be worried about Michigan and that's when practice starts and that's when we start preparing for them.

Q: What was the most shocking aspect of this game?

We couldn't do anything. They had a great offense. They threw it everywhere. We just couldn't do anything offensively. We couldn't run, we couldn't throw. We couldn't do anything.


Q: What changes do you need to make as a team?

It's not so much changes, we just need to play Iowa football. We gotta get back to playing the hard-nosed football and just getting practice and cleaning everything up and watching film and get back to where we came from.

Q: What surprised you the most?

We got in a hole and we couldn't get things turned around. I thought we'd be able to come together and get out of the hole a little bit easier, but that's tough and we're just gonna have to work on that. That's gonna be a major focus of the improvement.

Q: Do you think being out of your normal routine and comfort zone played a part in things?

I don't think so. You're gonna have that stuff all the time. I think we were ready to go, they just came out and they played a hell of a football game.

Q: What did you think of the play of the offensive line, in general?

I think there's a lot of improvement that we need to make, just playing more physical, just playing more like Iowa style football. It was great getting David (Walker) in there. He's a great player, a great guy to have in there with some experience, but Ben Gates came in and stepped up and did a good job. Playing next to him, he's doing a great job and we worked well together.


Q: What surprised you the most?

Everything. We couldn't put up points, our defense got ran through. Everything.

Q: What are you feeling right now about all of this?

It's a hard loss, but we're not gonna dwell on it. We got Big Tens, we've got a lot of games coming up, so we can't put our head between our legs just because we lost one game, but we'll be getting in practice and getting after it this week.

Q: What changes do you guys need to make?

As a group, we got worked in every phase today. Special teams, defense, offense. As a team you can't point fingers, so we're just gonna get better and improve and we've got some football still ahead of us, so it's not too late.

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