Phillps Ready to Prove Doubters Wrong

This past weekend, the Hawkeyes landed their 2nd QB commitment in Cy Phillips. He is not as highly regarded as the other targeted QB, Chris Olsen, but according to many around Cy, he could be just as talented. Now Cy is determined to come into Iowa City and prove that to Hawk fans all across the country. was able to speak to Cy about that issue and many others (photo included in story).

The Hawkeye coaching staff proved last year that it was not in favor of the traditional tall skinny QB's last year with the signing of Matt Bohnet. This year has proved to be the same with 6'7 240 JUCO QB Nathan Chandler and now 6'5 230 Hoxie, AR QB Cy Phillips.

Cy Phillips was not a QB that many recruiting anyalsts saw as one of the elite, but much of that reason was due to the fact that no recruiting analyst had seen Cy on tape or in action. Playing against small competition hurt Cy's reputation. However, it did not deter the Iowa coaching staff from moving Cy ahead of other quarterbacks, like Jason Manson, Troy Smith, and Mike Duda. Now Hawk fans will just have to put faith and trust behind this coaching staff.

"I'm looking forward to proving something to everyone," Cy said. "I have read all the doubters, and sometimes I would like to let them hear my response, but I know that my actions will eventually have to talk for me. I plan to come to Iowa City this summer to get a head start and work my butt off. It should be very fun."

Cy was one of fifteen visitors this past weekend, which resulted in four commitments. Cy said that everyone he spoke to seemed to agree that Iowa City was awesome. Cy knows he is entering a good situation.

"The main reason I chose Iowa was not only because the football facilites were flat-out amazing, but it is the best possible academics I could receive. I could not find anything wrong while on my visit. My mother accompanied me on the trip, and we both liked all the coaches. They really did a good job of talking to my mother."

Cy turned down offers from Louisiana Tech, Lousiana-Monroe, Tulsa, Memphis, and Arkansas St. He also was receiving very strong interest from Mississippi State.

Many Hawk fans have raised the question of what type of QB Cy is, and it's understandable that many would not know. Again, not many across the country have had the chance to see Cy in action.

"This year I did whatever my coach asked of me. If he asked me to run that is what I would do. Sometimes I would run the ball 30 times. The most I ever passed was 22 times in a ball game."

"It was kind of frustrating because when I went to camps I was put in with some very good WR's and all the schools received a chance to see how good of a QB I was. This year at Hoxie I did not have as talented WR's so I did not get to pass as much. I like coming out of the gun becuase I'd much rather being in a passing offense where I do not always have to run. I think I fit best in a spread option type of offense, and I think that is what Iowa likes also."

The Hawks have received two commits at QB, but appear not to be done yet with Chris Olsen nearing a decision and Troy Smith scheduled to visit in January. Cy Phillips will arrive to go up against good competition, but if there is one thing Cy is ready to do, it would definitely be to prove himself. Hawk fans should not raise questions, but rather be glad that the Hawks have the current QB situation they have.

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