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Iowa Hawkeye Two Deeps


WR ......86 Holloway,88 Solomon/22 Ca Davis
LT ........70 Gray,73 Barkema
LG .......76 Jones,71 Olsen
C ........54 Elgin,59 Cronin
RG .......75 Gates,68 Bowers
RT ........69 McMahon,64 Felder
TE ........81 Jackson,49 Follett
QB .......5 Tate,7 McCollom
WR ......11 Hinkel,8 Townsend
RB ......29 Lewis,33 Simmons
FB ........43 Mickens,35 Busch


DE .......98 Robinson,92 Iwebema
DT .......60 Luebke,65 Willcox
DT .......45 Babineaux,72 Eshareturi
DE .......31 Roth,99 Mattison
OLB.....50 Lewis,27 Miles
MLB ....52 Hodge,40 Klinkenborg
WLB ....18 Greenway,44 Humpal
LC .......26 J.Johnson,36 Ejiasi/19 Shada
SS ........25 Paschal,15 Merrick
FS ........37 Considine,39 Brevi/13 Godfrey
RC .......20 Allen,6 Belleus
PT ........28 Bradley,91 Gallery
PK .......1 Schlicher

Return specialists the same...Hinkel/Holloway on kickoff's, Hinkel/Belleus on punt returns.


Fifth-Year Senior Left Guard David Baas

• On what he remembers from the past two years against Iowa ... "Basically, the bitter taste in our mouths and just not performing or not getting it done. I hate to lose, especially two years in a row. They are going to come in here and try and make it three and we have to do out best to not let that happen."

• On the last two years as motivation ... "When you lose to a team, especially two years in a row, it's self-motivation. You're just ready to play. It is a big game, but you know they aren't just going to lay down because they won two years in a row."

Senior Cornerback Marlin Jackson

• On last season's loss to Iowa ... "It just hurt to go out there and lose a game that we felt we should have won. To go out there, fight hard and make a couple mistakes in the second half and end up losing the game. It was much more emotional (than the 2002 home loss), because we had obviously lost to them in the previous year. We really wanted to come out and get a victory that day, but we didn't and it hurt."

• On preparing to play Iowa ... "I have tried to forget about it. I'm just ready to go out there and face this Iowa team that they will put on the field, not the team from one year or two years ago. We're obviously aware of it, but we've got to go out there and get ready to face this team that we'll face this week. We've been looking forward to this game just like every other game. They're great competitors and we love to play against teams that like to compete. They're going to come out on Saturday and play one of they're best games of the season. They play a physical game. They play good defense and have a good running game, and they hit you with some big plays."

Senior Right Guard Matt Lentz

• On Iowa's defense ... "They're a tough, physical defense. Playing them the past two years, we know they're a tough defense and they're physical and quick. I expect that it's going to be a hard hitting game."

• Whether the Iowa game has become a rivalry? ... "Iowa is the opener for us and we did lose to them the last two years, but this is a new team and we'll have to see what happens this year."

• On whether Iowa plays the same style as Michigan does ... "In general, I think they do. Like I said, they're tough and physical. That's what we pride ourselves on also. That's why it has been a hard hitting game the past two years."

Fifth-Year Senior Outside Linebacker Roy Manning

• On whether he thinks about last year's loss to Iowa ... "Going into this year's game, I think a little bit about last year's Iowa game. We felt that we could have came out there with a victory, but we didn't' do that. I'm definitely excited to play them this week."

• On the loss at home to Iowa two years ago ... "I was actually was hurt that season, but I was here at the game. I didn't enjoy that game either and I keep it in the back of my mind."

On the importance of the game against Iowa ... "It's a big game. We'll let last year be last year. We're just worried about this season and the teams we play. Iowa is a new team this year and we're a new team this year. We're just going to go in there and prepare and try to come out with a victory."

• On Iowa's loss to Arizona State last weekend ... "I didn't get a chance to catch the game. I saw the score but I don't know exactly what happened there. Like I said, going into our game it doesn't really matter. Whether they're 0-2 or 1-2, they're going to come in here and play their hardest game of the season."

Senior Tight End Tim Massaquoi

• On if the team tries to forget losses or if they use it as motivation ... "Naturally you try to forget about any game you lose. Sometimes games like that will stick out in your mind if it is a really bad loss. Honestly, we try to prepare more for this game. If we go into this game thinking about Iowa from two years ago, we won't be ready to play. I think the focus of this team is not to worry about two years ago or even last year. It is a different team and we aren't the same team as two years ago, or even last year's team. We just have to prepare for this game. We can talk about Iowa last year and two years ago, but that's not going to help us prepare to win this weekend."

Senior Defensive End Pat Massey

• On Michigan's 2002 home loss to Iowa ... "I was a redshirt freshman, and I just remember what a physical game it was, especially up front. Anytime you lose at home, it's definitely going to stick out in your mind. We need to worry about this year's team and focus on the game ahead. It certainly is something that sticks with you, but you just need to concentrate on this year's Michigan team and Iowa team."

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