Considine, McMahon Sound Off

These two Iowa seniors see problems on both sides of the ball. Considine wants to the defense pick up the pace in practice: "It's time to start putting the work in. I know the one thing that I want to do on the defensive side of the ball is to pick the tempo up in practice. We need to start moving around out there and getting after people."


Is this week that the defense stops having bad penalties? You guys have had them the first three weeks.

I would have said that the week would have been after Kent State. But obviously it wasn't. It just one of those deals where I don't know what the problem is, whether it's being over aggressive or what. But that stuff needs to end. Hopefully it's this week. I wish it was two weeks ago, but it hasn't ended.

Is Michigan a team where you can't take a play off? How do you feel about their receivers?

Well, obviously, when you're talking about a Michigan team you're talking about them having potential all-Americans at every position. If we let our guard down, I think we showed what can happen if Iowa lets their guard down last Saturday. That's kind of what happened in my mind. This week will be no different. We've got to go in there and play our game, be well prepared, work hard during the week, and hopefully that will give us a chance on Saturday.

Do you feel like you guys let down your guard on Saturday?

I'm just saying that I don't think we went into the game with the mindset that we usually have, especially as a defense; with a chip on our shoulder; knowing that we're not a bunch of guys that came out of high school as all-Americans. We're just guys that have worked our butts off the last three or four years to put us in position to start in the Big Ten. We need to realize that we're those type of people. We're not a preseason 12th-ranked team nationally and all this other hoopla about us. We still have to put in the work to earn that stuff.

How do you think you lost that?

I don't know any specific reason why or what happened now looking back on the whole thing. It just happened. It's just one of those deals that you don't want to have happen again. It's time to start putting the work in. I know the one thing that I want to do on the defensive side of the ball is to pick the tempo up in practice. We need to start moving around out there and getting after people.

Could you tell there was something wrong last week or is this just something in retrospect?

I'm just saying that obviously there's something going on right now. That was characteristic of the way that we play defense. The thing that prepares you most for the game and the way that you're going to play in the game is by practicing the same way. Sometimes you just have to get after it in practice, maybe pick up the tempo. The bottom line is that we need to find something. We can never go back to the way that we played on Saturday. The way that I'm looking at it is that we need to pick it up in practice a little more than we have been.



Do you go into this game with a chip on your shoulder after what happened on Saturday?

I think it is because we're kind of trying to get last week back. We can't get it back, so we'll just kind of move ahead this week and push even harder.

What does Michigan look like?

I think that we're going to be able to block the guys. They're a good defense. They always are. They're Michigan. They're fast. They're big. If we play the kind of football that we're capable of playing, we'll be able to block them.

Against ASU, what were the main problems on the line?

We had a lot of fundamental errors; concentration errors; just mistakes all around. One mistake kind of led to another; repeat mistakes. We can't have that. You can't expect to win when you do those things.

How much blame do you put on the offensive line?

We were a big part of the struggles, but it was a team loss not just an individual position or side of the ball.

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