Drew Tate Sizes Up ASU and Michigan

Iowa quarterback Drew Tate looks back at a frustrating loss at ASU and his first trip to Michigan's Big House: "I'm excited to go up there and see what it's like. But like Coach Ferentz said, it's a business trip and another opportunity for us to go out there and get better."


Can you talk about Michigan and what the offense is going to have to improve in this week to move the ball a little bit?

I'm excited to go up there and see what it's like. But like Coach Ferentz said, it's a business trip and another opportunity for us to go out there and get better.

Do you use Saturday's game as motivation?

It's probably a wake-up call. A lot of people, including myself, need to do a lot of extra work. Hopefully we'll learn from it and it won't happen again.

What do you think of Michigan's secondary?

They're pretty good. They're strong and fast. We've got some good tape on them. It's just going to be another tough game.

What is it going to take to get the running game going? Coach Ferentz said that Jermelle isn't finding a clean hole to run through.

It's hard when they've got seven guys in the box to run the ball. Their safeties were 10 yards deep and on the snap they were coming down. I don't care who the back is and who the linemen are, man, that's going to be tough. It depends on what kind of looks Michigan gives us.

The offensive line hasn't gievn you the performance you need. As a quarterback, is it tough to go out there knowing you aren't getting the protection to try to get some confidence out there?

That stuff happens. If that's the case, we've got to work around it and run some plays that are a little bit quicker than others take to develop. This week is going to be very important for practice and watching tape and everyone just pulling together.

How do you prepare yourself to go into a 110,000-fan arena?

I don't know. I hadn't really thought about it. If you're thinking about that, then you're thinking about the wrong thing. You don't need to worry about the crowd; just worry about the game plan. That's what I'm doing right now.

Even in high school, had you been through a game like that?

A little, but not that bad as a unit, but that bad of a game, though. That's the first time that I had not been able to do anything that I can do. So, that was pretty rough.

Was it frustrating on the field? Could you feel that things were just not going to happen?

Yeah. There were just a lot of things that were going wrong. Everything that you could think of that could go wrong went wrong. That's not a good feeling to have.

Where is your confidence level right now?

It's up there. I mean, I forgot about last Saturday. I'm just worried about Michigan right now.

What were some specifics about your game that you weren't happy with last Saturday?

Just that I started losing my technique; the transfer of my weight; throwing off of my back foot; droppng back and looking at the rush and not down field.

Is that frustration?

Probably so. Just when everything is going wrong, and you're just trying to something else and you lose your technique. That's probably what happened to a lot of people.

Do you feel like you guys are on the same page in the huddle?

Yeah, we are. It was still positive in the huddle from the first quarter to the fourth quarter. That's just the way that it's got to stay.

How much quicker was ASU's defense than maybe the first two weeks of the season?

They were quicker than Kent State. Iowa State was pretty quick. They were both about the same. But it was just a lot of things that factored in. We weren't probably focused as much as Iowa State. They brought a lot of pressure, too. But we knew that.

You guys got blitzed a lot Saturday and against Iowa State. It doesn't seem like something that goes away. What can you do to stop it?

Just beat the blitz, I guess. Once that happens, they might stop. When they blitz and you can get it over their heads and score, that's tough. That's just something we're going to have to do.

What needs to happen?

Just everyone working together and getting on the same page and knowing when to go hot and when not to.

Do you sense Jermelle getting frustrated?

Yeah. I could. It just wasn't him. It was everyone.

How do you keep that from becoming a finger-pointing situation?

Stay positive. In our huddle, everything is positive. No one is saying anything. No one is pointing fingers.

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