Miguel Merrick is a class act

I had the opportunity to talk to Ed Marinez, Head Football Coach at Emerson High School in Union City, New Jersey about his star player, Miguel Merrick. Marinez was very forthcoming about his protege'. Although I don't have a picture phone, I could almost see Marinez smile with pride as talked about his player like a father would talk about his son.

Miguel Merrick was one of the fastest rising seniors in the country. Coach Ferentz alluded to the fact in his last regular season press conference that Iowa had just viewed tape on two seniors that were on nobody's radar that they planned to offer. It seems that Miguel was one of these prospects, and HTO.com spoke to Miguel's coach, Ed Marinez, about Miguel's commitment to Iowa. Ed definitely gives Hawk fans reason to be excited with his comments.

"This year was the first time that Emerson High had ever won 9 football games in a row," said coach Ed Marinez. "You could really say that it was all do to Miguel Merrick. He was easily the best player on the team and probably the best player ever at this high school."

"When I came to Emerson, they had averaged only one win a year for several years. My three years have produced 7,7 and 9 win seasons. I owe much of this to Miguel" said coach Marinez. Emerson has 950 students and is the smallest school in its class, with many over 2,000 students.

"Normally, I run a Delaware offense, but due to personnel this year and having no tight end, I would many times send out 4 wide receivers. One of the purposes of doing that was to free Miguel from being double teamed. However this was usually to no avail, as he was doubled up most of the time. In spite of the special coverage, Miguel caught 61 passes for 1,200 yards" said coach Marinez.

"You don't appreciate yet what a special player you have in Miguel. He has a tremendous vertical jump, like a basketball player. He takes a volleyball in gym and does a 360 before he jams it from high above the rim!"

"But the best part about Miguel is his attitude and behavior. There will be no behavior problems at Iowa. He is from a great family and has therefore had all the support and guidance that he has ever needed," said his coach and friend. He is also bright and a very good student."

"He is 6-0 and 188 pounds and has the heart of a champion. We don't really have a track program here, so I have no times for Miguel in the sprints. We are primarily a hispanic area so soccer is what everyone plays in the spring" he added.

I am looking forward to meeting Ed Marinez when he travels to Iowa City to see Miguel play for the Hawks. I know that I will like him, in fact, I already do.

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