On the Offensive with Tate, McMahon

Iowa's quarterback and right tackle talk about the team's unit bearing the brunt of the criticism during its current two-game skid. "If the running game isn't going, it's the line's fault," McMahon said in regards to how critics think. "That's just the way that football is."

How do you deal with criticism?

That's my job. I'm the leader on the team. I'm the one that people are going to cheer when we win, and I'm going to be the person that they boo when we lose.

When you've got 10 guys out there looking at you in the huddle, you've got to lead them. We're all in this together. Anything that happens, we accept as a team.

What are your impressions of Michigan State's defense?

Just the athletes that they have. They're going to be just like Michigan. They're going to be fast and big an aggressive. We've just go to be on our toes.

How close are you guys when you look at the tape?

We're real close. I don't know what the other guys think. To me, it's we're driving and we'll have a mistake. That's what hurt us. They did capitalize. If we don't do those thing, maybe the score is different. Maybe we can get out of there with a win.

If you've broke down tape, how would you assess your game against Michigan?

I'd say about medium. I did a lot of good things and I did a lot of bad things.

Is the learning curve as the starting quarterback about what you thought it would be?

Yeah. I was around last year, so I got to see a lot of things. I expected a lot of these things.

You looked like you hurt your knee after falling on the snap that went over your head.

Yeah. It was pretty sore after it. But I had a lot of adrenaline going. I really didn't really feel it much after I went on the sideline for a little bit. But I felt it a little bit yesterday and the day before.

Basically, I moved up a bit so they could hear me. If I had been back a step, I would have had a chance to catch the ball. It's just mistakes like that that we're close at.

How long can you take some of the hits that you're talking?

I can last a while. As long as I can walk, I can play, I guess.

Did you get hit like this in high school?

My senior year, we had five new starters on the offensive line. I got hit pretty good.

I had an older brother, and he had friends. That was just one of those things, too.

You get hit, you get hit. That's part of the game.

You're one of the few guys that shows up every time and answers all of our questions. When you were in high school, did you have heards of reporters around you?

We had out share. It's just the right thing to do.

I don't mind it. Sometimes the questions are kind of bogus.

Do you read much of what people write?

Nah. I don't really care much about that. I watch ESPN. That's about it.

Did you ever play anything else besides quarterback?

The first year that I ever played, I was a linebacker (second grade).

I guess because my dad was the high school coach in the town. I was always on the sideline throwing it around. I could throw a little bit better than everybody else. That's when they put me at quarterback.



The offense line has taken a lot of heat this season. Do you hear the criticism?

Maybe not to, but I'm sure it's going on.

What do you think they're saying?

Just that we need to give Drew more time and just make bigger holes.

Does that bother you?

Not so much because I know that the people that are asking those questions or saying that stuff don't really know what it's like to try to block a guy or try to make the hole or give Drew time. But I just try to brush it off, ignore and do what I have to do every day.

Do you hear it from students or do you hear it from adults?

Nobody is coming up to me and saying things. But I know that's just how it goes. If the running game isn't going, it's the line's fault. That's just the way that football is. It's there, but I try not to think about it.

Does it motivate you?

No. I think that we've done a good job to make sure that everybody ignores that stuff. We know what's going on. We know that we have to work harder. We know we have to improve. some of the improvements are there, day by day. People don't see that. It's a little different view when you're in here than when you're looking in.

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