Long Ready to Set Visit With Iowa

The Iowa Hawkeyes have placed a huge importance in recruiting the state of Ohio in 2004 having already received verbal commitments from wide receiver Trey Stross and linebacker B.J. Travers. A few more Ohioans rank high on the board, including Brandon Long who could end up playing on either side of the ball.

Hawkeyenation.com reported to Hawk fans last week of Iowa's serious interest in Glenville's Freddie Lenix, and also has done previous reports on cornerback Ryan Brinson who remains very high on the Hawkeye target list. This week, we introduce another Ohioan receiving significant interest from Iowa in tight end/defensive end Brandon Long.

"I just spoke to Coach (Ken) O'Keefe this evening, and he told me tried calling me a half hour before the start of the Michigan game," said Long. "I wasn't home, and he said he left a message, but I never got it. Like always, we just talked about what was going on with the both of us and shot the breeze."

Long took an official visit to Michigan State back on the weekend of September 17th, and currently names the Spartans leaders alongside Ohio State with Iowa being right behind.

"Michigan State had an unreal environment for their game. We were driving outside of East Lansing, and there were fans out on their porch drinking beer with their Spartan jerseys on. Since I was taking my visit during a game weekend, I got to experience a lot more with everything being focused on the game. They are real high on my board right now, but I still have to take other visits to be able to compare."

As far as the Buckeyes, they remain in constant contact despite not having offered. Long hopes for an offer considering his life long friendship with teammate and future Buckeye Brian Hartline.

"We have been playing football since we were seven years old, and we were so looking forward to having a big senior season. Then, within minutes after first game started, Brian broke his leg while returning a punt. It was a huge setback, but he'll be ready for Ohio State. They have told me that I'm one of three guys at the tight end position they are recruiting, and I know they prefer to have bigger guys, like 6'6 or taller, due to blocking. Still, they will line their tight end up in the slot sometimes, and that is where I believe they have interest in me."

Would Long commit to the Buckeyes on the spot if an offer were to come?

"I still want to take my other visits, like I know I definitely want to take a visit to Iowa. They definitely would be a school under strong consideration, though. I just know that I may not have the chance to play as early there as other schools with the way they stockpile players at certain positions."

With such strong interest in visiting Iowa, what are Long's overall impressions of Iowa right now?

"Really I don't hear a lot about Iowa living out here in the media and everything, but from the people that have been there, they've told me excellent things. A lot of word of mouth is what I've received, and I hear it is unbelievable there on game weekends. There are no pro teams so everyone is geared towards Iowa or Iowa State. I've met B.J. Travers before, and heard about Trey Stross, so I know they've got some Ohio guys coming in, as well."

Long also has offers from Indiana and Cincinnati while also having received some slight interest from Wisconsin.

"Indiana is a building program that still has a ways to go to be where they want to be, but there is a chance I could visit them. I do have more interest in Cincinnati than what people believe because I know I could go in there and make an impact very early. Wisconsin has only called two or three times so I'm not really sure how interested they really are."

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