Scott Has Tough Choice Ahead

As it was reported yesterday by, Iowa appears to be in the driver seat for Palm Beach Garden Dwyer WR Brandon White. However, will teammate RB Jerramy Scott choose to follow in the path of his best friend or will he instead go the route of his older brother, Geri, and join the Michigan State Spartans? It will certainly be a tough choice.

Jerramy Scott is not a prospect that has been known as a nationally recruited prospect. However, looking at the schools on his list, it would not be hard for Hawk fans to consider Jerramy as possibly the most highly recruited Florida prospect that they have been in contention for.

"Right now my top three are Iowa, Michigan State, and Ole' Miss," Jerramy said. "Miami(FL) is in my top five, they want me as a DB and I want to play RB."

Jerramy is a very versatile athlete that could be featured at a variety of positions on the field, but the Hawks appear to have no problem at letting Jerramy play RB.

"I'd like to compare my running style to Barry Sanders. That is the type of RB I think I am and that I want to be. I would consider myself a scatterback type."

Jerramy was one of eight visitors the first weekend in December, along with teammate WR Brandon White.

"The visit went real well. The people in Iowa City is what is so great about Iowa because they are so friendly and make you feel comfortable. The players act a like a team and make you feel as part of the team. Also, the coaching staff makes you feel important as a person and not just as a football player."

Jerramy and Brandon White have both told me that they are best friends. In a post I made on the Hawkeye InsideEdge Premium Board, Garden Dwyer Head Coach, Jack Daniels, told me that Jerramy's chances of going to Iowa would be a lot larger if Brandon were to choose Iowa.

"My chances are a lot better to go to Iowa if Brandon does choose Iowa. It is not a huge thing for me to play with my brother as I have to be my own man. I have a tenative visit scheduled to Ole' Miss on the the 18th, but I might make my decision before then. Right now Iowa and Michigan State are even, though."

Iowa struck out last year in their attempts to sign a running back so it has become a lot more important this time around. You can expect Iowa to try and sign two running backs, and Jerramy Scott would definitely be considered one of Iowa's top targets. Florida continues to become a more and more important state for Iowa every recruiting season.

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