IA-MSU Postgame: D-Rob, Babineaux

Iowa defensive linemen Derreck Robinson and Jonathan Babineaux talk about a solid scheme that helped the Hawkeyes to a 38-16 victory against Michigan State Saturday. "Oh, this was a big win," Babineaux said. "Offense, defense and special teams, we all took a step forward this week. That pretty much showed up today. Plus, this was a big one for the seniors. This was out last homecoming."


Did you see things you need to work on even with the good game you guys played today?

Yeah. We've got a lot of work to do in pass and running. The front four, we've just go to keep on pushing a lot more. The DBs have to work harder, but the front four we need to be the cornerstone of the defense.

Was this a confidence builder today?

Yeah. Any win is going to give a team confidence. It gives the players confidence, and the coaches.

You guys seemed to have a good gameplan. Did it seem like you took them out of their game?

No. They did pretty good. They caught us off guard in a few things. Their offense was hitting us with things that we just weren't used to. We just have to figure out what they did to us, and figure out what to do to stop them.

The nickel sets and the six-DB sets, were those installed and put into the game plan this week?

It's always been installed. We have to know when to do it. It's always there. It's just kind of a backup.

Was that what you used against Purdue a few years ago?

It is the same, and it isn't the same. It's just little things that we try to change. Every team has a different quarterback. Every team has a different line. But we just try to get that one thing that they're doing.

Do you think that Coach Ferentz is going to be sending another holding tape to the Big Ten?

Nah. Like coach says, holding is legal now. We've just got to learn how to get off of that stuff. That's probably one of the biggest things that we need to work on.



Jermelle has suffered his second serious injury as you have. What does that mean for a player?

It pretty much prepares you to be better than you were before you got injured. That's how I took it in my recovery coming back. That's just the way that I'm playing right now.

How do you guys help each other through stuff like this?

We're like brothers on the team. If my real brother gets hurt, I'm going to be behind him. We're just like brothers on the team. If somebody gets hurt, we're going to be right there to support him just like they were there to support me.

You guys kind of threw them off of their game with some different defensive looks. Did they look like they were going to work in practice this week?

We really didn't practice that much. They just came out and gave us a lot of empty backfields and five wide receivers. We just had to go with what we had.

What did you guys take from last year's MSU game?

We just have to start fast against these guys. We didn't go into the game with the mindset that we had to start fast. We just relaxed. And by the time those guys got out, it was too late.

The offense put some nice drives together today. Did that help you guys stay fresh?

Oh yeah. Most definitely. We were out there just trying to give it our all. We were trying to get three and outs, so we could keep the offense in a rhythm. That's what we were trying to do all day.

Stanton was successful running the ball early. What did you guys do to take that away?

We just adjusted our defense a little bit. We saw on film that he was going to be running a lot. We just adjusted at halftime and tried to keep him contained.

The alternative to winning this game was going into the bye week on a three-game skid. How big did that make this win?

Oh, this was a big win. Offense, defense and special teams, we all took a step forward this week. That pretty much showed up today. Plus, this was a big one for the seniors. This was out last homecoming.

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