Playmakers: Ed Hinkel and Clinton Solomon

Two players are consistently emerging as playmakers for the Iowa Hawkeyes in the form of junior receivers Ed Hinkel and Clinton Solomon. On Saturday, the duo combined to catch 11 passes for just over 200 yards. We spoke with both players after Iowa's 38-16 win against Michigan State.

Ed Hinkel

You kicked the monkey off your back and got a win. How do you feel?

Yes, it is big. A big win for us especially going into the bye week. We needed a little confidence on the offensive side of the ball. Fortunately, we stepped up as an offense today and made some plays.

Was there any indication in practice this week that Coach (Ken) O'Keefe was going to open up the play book a little bit?

We knew coming in that we were going to throw the ball. We were ready for it from working hard in practice this week. We had a good showing.

Drew (Tate) spread the ball out well today - is that a normal ‘Drew' thing?

Well, it is more was the offense dictates. Any one of us can make those catches, those plays, it just depends on who is in the game at that time. Every one of us stepped up came out and made plays today.

Clinton Solomon

This was a big win today, what are you thoughts.

It was a big win. After that two game losing streak to come home for homecoming and win before your crowd. It was a great win going into that bye week. Heck, it was just a great win period.

You had kind of a ‘breakout' type performance today, eclipsing the 100-yard mark receiving.

Yeah, the coaches just told us to be ready to perform. I just sat down in the zones on some plays and the offensive line game Drew enough time to find me. He did that and I was fortunate enough to get the ball. To be successful out there you have to come down with the catches. It is nice to have those great players on the line in front of us, they did a great job today. Our receiving corps stepped up, it was not an individual effort out there it was a group thing.

Did you have the wind knocked out of you on the catch in the second quarter, or?

Actually, when I came down I just felt a little tug on my hip. It was a little bruise, I got over it and had to get ready to play in the second half.

We have a couple of weeks to recover our wounded a little. What is the plan for this week?

We probably are going to take it light tomorrow. But we have to get back and get ready to be focused again. I mean, Ohio State is going to come in here as a top ten team and want to beat us at Kinnick. So we just need to be prepared and ready for the Buckeyes and taking care of business.

What are your thoughts on Ohio State?

Well, to get back in the mix of the Big Ten we have to be ready to get after it and be physical. They are not going to back down to us just because Nile Kinnick is on the field as our 12th man. We just need to be prepared to win because each win in the Big Ten is a big win.

I am assuming you are happy to be back at Iowa (laughing)..?

Yes, thank you, it is great to be back. I am glad you kind folks let me back in and the crowd

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