Drew Tate talks about his Record Setting Day

Drew Tate comments

Drew Tate

Do you get discouraged when you have to deal with revolving running backs all the time?

No, you just do you best with who you have. I am confident that any one of the guys can do the job back there. If the o-line makes the hole the running back is going to find it. However, if I have to look back and see Pete McMahon running the ball then I might be a bit questionable.

Are you seeing the field better now after five games than you did after, say, one game?

Not really, I am just getting more comfortable with what I am doing out there. Seeing the field is part of a quarterback from day one. If you cannot do that you cannot play Big Ten football, or Pop Warner league for that matter. I just go through my checks and reads and try to make the right decision. Fortunately, today, we did a lot of good things and made some good decisions.

Going into the bye week is it a good thing or bad thing?

I mean it has to be a good thing with so many injuries. It is nice that it is coming now in the middle of the season because of the running back situation. But I am confident that there will be someone back there that can do the job. But for everybody this is a good thing from the lineman to the defense to special teams. When you do not have the grind and physical nature of game situations, as well as the mental stuff, it is nothing but positive.

Can you comment on how the offensive line played today?

I thought they played really well. They did a great job of holding back their guys. Michigan State has a great defensive line. I mean if you read the media report on them it said that they will rely heavily on the defense to win games. So this is a strong vote for good offensive line play.

Did you feel you were ‘hot' today?

A little bit I guess. I was just all about going out there and hoping to have time to throw the ball. The line gave me the time and I just wanted to get the ball to my receivers.

The receivers had some good catches today, to what should we attribute that to?

They had great catches. That is what we need in order to win. When you get time to throw the ball, and with the great guys I have to throw to, you are going to see some great things.

What are you going to do the next two weeks to get focused?

Just hope to have a great week, well two weeks, of practice. We have a lot of things we need to work on. I missed nine passes today, the defense is not happy about giving up 16 points. There is always need to keep working even when the guys you are working against are you teammates. But our defense gets me prepared for anything and anyone.

Did you know that Coach O'Keefe was going to open up the playbook a little more than usual today?

We knew on Tuesday when Coach Ferentz said we were going to throw the ball a little bit more this week. It was just the way their defense sets up, how they get so many people in the box to clog the running lanes. So, that right there dictates that you pass the ball more. I had free choice to audible when and to whatever I wanted. But, of course, that is all within reason. Try going to the sideline and having Coach Ferentz give you that look. It is not fun (laughs).

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